Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Seeking The Earliest Roots of Aussie Society

Writer and philosophical smartypants George Santayana once wrote in his little humdinger of a page turner The Life of Reason that "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." 

Now, Georgy Boy was in part referring to wars and the darker side of life, and the aphorism was meant as a rebuke, but it also goes a long way to explaining why The Magpie keeps returning to Poseurs' Bar every night. 

But on heftier matters, if you're all Orstryah Dayed out, you'd better regather your strength just in case a sterling suggestion from a certain Mr David South is officially acted upon. You see, our Dave is of the opinion that one of the very earliest episodes of white history in Australia should not only be remembered but celebrated. Hard. And reenacted. Again and again.

But the difference here is that Dave seems to advocating that rather than being `condemned' to repeat the past, we should, in this safe modern world, be `condom-ed' to repeat it.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Polishing The Poo: The Bulletin's Money and Jobs Go South

Perhaps one of you alert readers (yes, yes, it narrows the field somewhat but you know which one you are) will remember the Magpie's occasional award of the Janus Two-Faced BUMM Vase and Bowl. 

This much-sought after honour is named for the two-faced Greek god of myth, with the BUMM standing for Barefaced UnMitigated Mendacity for telling porkies.

Well, now comes the time for the first such award for 2011.

And it's a tie!!!
The first award for this year goes jointly to Peter Typo Gleeson and Michael Wilkins, the editor and general manager respectively of the Daily Astonisher.

Read on for a tale about the corporate belief in Ogden Street that a turd can be picked up by the clean end. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Waters Go Down, Blight's Stocks Go Up, but The Astonisher Keeps Leaking

The Magpie once had a blonde COCC (Current Companion Of Choice) who thought that the global unpleasantness of World War II was actually World War Eleven.

This came to mind during the week, when contemplating the vagaries of leadership and history. In the decade leading up to the second World War, Winston Churchill was considered just a so-so MP, no great shakes, but his unexpected hour of leadership came when Hitler went onto steroids.

It was an unexpected hour of destiny which lasted throughout the war.
Fast forwarding to the sad and soggy old Queensland of today, Winston's moment in history was the most apt parallel for the shining moments for Premier Anna Bligh.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Some People Bring Joy Wherever They Go - Others Whenever They Go.

So it's now official, although as yet unannounced … The Townsville Daily Astonisher (aka The Bulletin for those new to the blog) is to get a new editor.

The Magpie has it on his usual dodgy authority that Peter `Typo'  Gleeson is heading back to the Gold Coast from whence he came a couple of years ago, in a move that may be executed with such indecent haste, he may not even be here for the launch of the revamped Townsville paper at the end of this month.