Saturday, November 26, 2011

The unasked question about the Mullet's mayoral launch this Tuesday, why we're heading for a Forest Gump council election, and Labor's latest hilarious hokey-pokey confusion over membership.

The best of the week is the local ALP's hilarious membership situation, where several people didn't even know they were in the party ... and one member didn't know he was out.  Gawd 'elp us.

Also, Typo says sorry - because of so many inquiries and emails of support, I will revisit a past matter for one final time, that being  the outcome of Peter Gleeson's email bullying and harassment of my daughter.

That later, but let's first ponder in wonder at some of the more mysterious questions of the week, all here in the Nest at

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wannabe Townsville councillor Vicki Salisbury - is she Tricky Vicki or just a Silly Sailsbury sausage with another campaigning cock-up?

She is certainly no Messiah, so is Vicki Salisbury just a very naughty little girl? 

Seems so.

Now, by all reports, Vicki's a nice gal - and all that - a hard worker in the Townsville arts scene - and so on - friendly, bubbly - and so forth - but it appears when it comes to local government politics, she is either a mischievious little Tricky Vicki ... or she's a bit of a klutz ( a word formed in the sixties from the yiddish 'klots', meaning wooden block).

Harsh words, you say? Well, there is a reason why someone who wants public office can't afford to be found out being either sneaky, or a dill. Reasons here at

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Moaning Mullet names the day when she will reveal all, Knuth Kn'oath to face off with a formidable sheila for Dalrymple, and the political backroom boys of all stripes are busier than a one-armed brickie in Beirut.

Look, come back, come back - don't stop reading - the suggestion that Jenny Hill will 'reveal all' is not literal and does not involve any illustration of her doing The Dance of the Seven Army Surplus Blankets.

No, no, it's just that she will be officially stating what she's been telling everybody for the past six months - what, you haven't heard? Psst, she running for mayor - On Tuesday November 29th at The Brewery function room, she will introduce her team - ahem, sorry, Task Force - slogan: Vote For Hill, Together We Will - no sniggering now.  The invite says ' entry donation at the door, or via electronic transfer', which would suggest to all you Jenny-boosting battlers, she is after donations of the crinkling - not tinkling - kind. Dig deep if you're a Mullet mate.

Hmmm, one trusts The Magpie hasn't steered you wrong on this. Because the invitation does say there will be a 15-minute - unspecified - 'performance' before she gives her campaign speech.

Crikey, no, she wouldn't? Or would she? Could be worse, one supposes, it could be Jeff Jimmieson on drums.  

But let's start with some non-political quotes of the week at

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Team Mullet revealed (sort of), more on Snooze and that boardroom barney at Dance North - and the Qantas dispute explained in a single picture.

The whole planet was asking just one querulous question earlier this week: YU, 55? Basically, the query was why a potentially earth-ending asteroid of that name would wish to threaten us at this particular time ... just when we have passed a goody-two-shoes carbon tax, the end of Anna Bligh is in sight, and bananas are again affordable.

As it turned out, YU55 was a near-miss that did no harm. But here in Townsville, a similiarly phrased question lingers, but we will have to wait until next March to find out the answer to -  YU Mullet? 

One supposes that the obvious answer is Y Not? Or perhaps, according to Labor bosses, Y Bother?

We'll look at the issue of Asteroid Mullet, including, as they say, the political 'maddies, saddies and baddies' along for the ride with her. Yup, like Gilbert and Sullivans' patter song man in The Mikado, The Magpie has a little list. And we'll see that the Labor hierarchy thinks she has no hope of becoming Townsville mayor.

We''ll also have a bit more on that riveting ding-dong at Dance North, plus a pictorial explanation - it's kinda norty - of the Qantas dispute.

All here as usual in The Nest at 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Come dance with me - if you dare. Snooze cuts more than a rug at Dance North.

Also, the latest in mayoral madness, including suspects for The Moaning Mullet's team when you're not having a team, but a task force.

Plus the bonus of two of the best cartoon comments on current times.

Be massively misinformed as always here at The Magpie's Nest, at

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A mayoral form guide, and their council stable mates.

Forget the Melbourne Cup field, here's a mid-week form guide to the current incumbents and their barrier draws for next March's Townsville City Council election. And it's not so much a case of fascinators as fantasyland  - all round. And a bonus from Bentley with several caricatures - some  so good, they're repeated. 

PS No proof reader for the moment, so forgive any cock-ups. 

So, a bonus load of doggy dos in a dollop from the Magpie's Nest at