Saturday, November 30, 2013

Toula Cassimatis takes a toweling in court … and is Mayor Mullet playing ducks and drakes with Steggles over the Pinnacles proposal?

And The Astonisher really does astonish … questioning the police claim that they seized a haul of synthetic drugs from a CBD shop. well, that's what they say.

And on that subject, The Astonisher is happy to tarnish the name of all small businesses in the old mall strip by refusing to name which shop is involved. The Magpie isn’t so shy.

And the old bird will tell you – yet again - some other things that the paper wouldn’t, couldn’t or just lazily didn’t know, all here in this week’s nest at

Saturday, November 23, 2013

At last – gremlins defeated and The Pie is proud to present that promised report into the V8’s value to Townsville.

Also as promised, race critic Mike Shearer’s detailed analysis of that JCU report ... and The Magpie has a nasty little surprise you may have missed on the issue as well.

Architects tell us we are what we build, which means one Middle Eastern country makes a bold declaration of what they are …

An Indian politician proposes an innovative campaign technique, let's hope the Newman Government doesn't hear about …

... Also, The Courier Mail loses the plot, going all out for gimmicky front page censorship, and our own Astonisher has painted itself into an interesting corner, all here in this week’s nest at

Saturday, November 16, 2013

It’s been an absolute ‘b…. ’ of a week, what with all the talk being of boobs, bikies, boobs, a Bulletin baffler … boobs, a Bulletin beat-up … and some more on boobs.

 Of course, there have been plenty of ‘boobs’, as in ‘a foolish or stupid person’ involved each and every one of the above subjects.

The country is now successfully and rapidly recovering from it Ruddectomy during the week … a few choice quotes.

The ‘Pie has come across a genuinely thought-provoking idea that could render the undemocratic bikie laws null and void – seriously.

And if we all have a giggle now and then at the Daily Astonisher, this week we were all tittering away at the storm in a D cup about the Hooters Restaurant saga. Bentley has succinct say on that one, some quotes of the week, and a couple of the week’s comments revisited, all here in the nest at

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Aliens and adjectives, numbers and numbskulls … the usual heady mix in the Magpie’s Nest.

Oh, dem numbers. … The Astonisher falls off the readership cliff, and the circulation figs yet to come.
Mayor Mullet takes us for mugs - or else she stripped her mental gears.  
But the touching tale of her unrequited love goes on, as The ‘Pie records the latest chapter in Simpo and The Mullet’s quest for true togetherness.
This week, history throws back one of the great but little known witty quotes of the last century, and a Judge Clive Wall gem has surfaced in The ‘Pie’s papers.
 All here in the nest at

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Rupert said to be lurking around the 'Ville today, not sure, couldn't hack his phone - and Britney Spears - pirate slayer.

Last week, The 'Pie quoted the old saw 'Everybody brings a little joy in other people's lives, some by arriving, others by leaving.' So you'll never guess who else is back in town, and just when you were starting to believe it was safe to buy the paper again.

The Astonisher reveals its secret recipe CBD success, and ladies, a graphic demonstration of what happens if you overdo the botox.

All that, plus Bentley here in this week's nest at