Saturday, November 2, 2013

Rupert said to be lurking around the 'Ville today, not sure, couldn't hack his phone - and Britney Spears - pirate slayer.

Last week, The 'Pie quoted the old saw 'Everybody brings a little joy in other people's lives, some by arriving, others by leaving.' So you'll never guess who else is back in town, and just when you were starting to believe it was safe to buy the paper again.

The Astonisher reveals its secret recipe CBD success, and ladies, a graphic demonstration of what happens if you overdo the botox.

All that, plus Bentley here in this week's nest at 

First, the Quote of the Week, which could be the quote of the year, comes from truly weird news report you may noticed during the week.

Tanker captains travelling through the pirate infested areas near Somalia have found a foolproof way to repel would-be hijackers. The ‘Pie didn’t believe this story at first but since it has been picked by reputable outlets, one supposes it is true.
'They're doing WHAT with my songs?'
The ships blast out at high volume music by Britney Spears, when they spot any naughtiness on the horizon. Apparently these pirates are Muslim, who hate anything western and particularly women and music, and they piss off quick smart when they get a few bars of  ‘Oops, I Did It Again’ and ‘Baby One More Time’. A few experiments showed that Britney was the best choice. You can read one of the versions of the story here, and a crew member said they point the powerful speakers away from the ship itself ‘so as not to disturb the crew’- in itself worthy of quote of the week status. 

But the quote of the Week/Year came from one laconic skipper.
‘I imagine using Justin Bieber would be against the Geneva Convention.’

'So that's what being impeded is like?'

The other quote of the week came from Jolly Joe Hockey, after he had been blocked by demonstrators when visiting the Victorian Parliament. Shrugging it off, he told reporters ‘They just impeded my passage.’ 
Now that would be a protest - try getting that image out of your head. Anyway, makes a change from the foot-in-mouth passage so many politicians (read Clive Palmer) manage to self-impede.

Another quote, in the form a merry jest, came The ‘Pie’s way the other day, and very timely, too

Research has uncovered the alarming fact that fully 25% of Australian politicians are being treated for mental illness. The shocking news is that that means 75% of them are going around untreated.

Newman and Bleijie would certainly qualify, with their unbending idiocy of wrecking basic tenets of democracy, and taking Queensland back to the Joh days. Bentley is unimpressed in this Melbourne Cup week, and wonders if the Queensland judiciary is headed for Newman's Knackery.

Other matters.

So, with Rupert Murdoch reportedly gracing the ‘Ville with his presence today (Sat), that might put a few of us in a mind to check out the developments in the London phone hacking scandal court case.

Well, good luck with that if you’re scanning the hybrid Astonisher/Curious Snail website. Not a dicky bird about the story that just about everybody else has been hammering the bejesus out of. The joke used to be ‘Limited News’ but with the change over to News Corp, one supposes it is now …..,

But instead of anything on phone hacking, with that particular talent of News Corp for the lying insult, the Courier Mail served up this warmed over load masturbatory self-adoration about their in-house awards, attended by the Great Man, with the delusional and dismissive opening line

'THE country's brightest media talent gathered at Brisbane's City Hall to celebrate the excellence and creativity of News Corporation's journalism.’

Well, they’re right about creativity bit, but perhaps not the way they mean it. And doesn’t say much for all those Walkley award winners from Fairfax, APN, ABC et al. And as Nana used to say, self praise is no recommendation.

But you can always depend on the Astonisher’s editorial for a laugh over breakfast, and this week they served up a real corn flakes-sprayer. 

On Thursday, an Astonisher editorial waxed lyrical about the rejuvenation of the Townsville’s CBD, which included this mysterious conclusion …
'Couple that with the opening of a Pie Face franchise and the city is motoring along at a rate we haven't seen since they reopened the mall to traffic.’

So pies are now proof positive of progress. But the twaddle didn't stop there.
'The success of events like the Townsville Fashion Festival parade held along Flinders St on the weekend prove we have what it takes to transition from country town to thriving city.'

And after that condcending pat on the head, and after telling us the CBD had a ‘terrific future ahead’ which is undoubtedly the best place for futures to be, there was this nice little cherry in the form of one of the tirest old clichés with …

'A superstadium and department store would be the perfect additions to the CBD landscape and would cement Townsville as a city which had truly come of age.’

Smarm at its best.

While we’re on matters Astonisher - and smarm - the town was plunged into alarm and despondency when Anthony ‘Simpleton’ Templeton safely returned from a holiday annoying the Ethiopians. Apparently his annoyance level in Ethiopia was not sufficient to prompt Addis Ababa to do any favours for Townsville, and he was allowed to leave the country and come back.

The Ethiopians demanded a ransom or they'd give him back.
Unwisely, we didn't pay, and here he is ... back here.

And while that silly editorial was upbeat and cheerful (if a little starry-eyed), Simpleton wasted no time in getting back to his stock-in-trade negative news. 

On Wednesday,  the council released the results of a survey that showed that 92.5% of the 1000 people surveyed were happy with the council’s performance. Simpo could hardly ignore this, but then drew back the longest of bows when he pounced on this statistic: 14% of people were unhappy about ‘council in-fighting’.  Umm, guess that would mean …err, let’s see … 86% thought it was a non-issue. This half-arsed attempt at divisive reporting conveniently ignored the fact that it is Simpleton, acting as the mayor’s personal PR and his paper who have fabricated this negative scenario, which nowadays, is even denied by Jenny Hill. 

In the paper, this happy snap was photoshopped with a rip down the middle.
But never fu#k up a story with facts, so on Friday, replete with a photoshopped torn photograph, Simpo alighted on the thinnest story he has ever managed to invent. A minor matter regarding the length of council committee meetings suddenly became the issue du jour. It originated with some publicity-seeking puffery from Messagebank Walker, who also has Simpos ear.

Those cheery sentiments in that editorial will always be suspect as long as The Astonisher unquestionably continues to print this pap.  

Just while we’re with the council, independent councillor Pat Ernst is mightily miffed at both the Astonisher and the letter writer and political sideline waffler John Nankervis. 
Clr Pat Ernst

The Magpie asked Clr Ernst  about a claim in an obviously unchecked Letter to the Editor, claiming the councillor received campaign money from one or more developers. That’s not true, Clr Ernst told The ‘Pie, only two personal friends, local business people and not developers had chucked in for him. “A phone call like yours to check it out would have been easy, and failing that, a look at the ECQ website,’ he said. Clr Ernst was the only real independent to run for council, so the issue is important to him. The Bulletin used to check things like this but now, close enough is good enough, apparently. Great for a paper of record (ha!).

A beaut little book came The ‘Pie’s way this week, from his pommy mate Nick in the Old Dart. 

Written by journo Robert Hutton, ‘Romps, Tots and Boffins: the strange language of news’ takes us through the meanings of what is now known as ‘journalese’. And it is side-splitting for one particular reason – it is all true. Hutton’s wry, dry commentary and translation of certain universal newspaper techniques just adds another delightful dimension. The premise is that short words, particularly in headlines, are the preferred method of dispensing information – and always has been. Space demands it. But things have become a bit twisted along the way.The results can be hilarious when we find out what some words and phrases really mean. Three examples as a sampler:
Guru – we are using this word only because ‘charlatan’ is too long to fit into a headline.’
‘Little Jack: this enables readers to distinguish between this six-year-old and other, larger six-year-olds who have jobs and mortgages.’
And a good one for The Astonisher, which specialises in mawkish recreational grief about brave (or last week ‘heroic’, for God’s sake) six-week-old babies  ….
‘loved one: the good news is that if we have referred to you this way, you’re unlikely to be in a condition to care about it.’

The book has just been released Britain, but keep an eye out for it – definitely one for you, Conan – Grumpy - Bully Boy, MK, all of you, in fact.

This week’s blog is being written by an ailing Magpie, who has a nasty bit of ‘flu, so apologies if this next has already been posted, the old bird can’t recall. But it doesn’t really matter, it is a beaut for the gals – especially if you over-indulge in botox.

And that said, The ‘Pie will eschew his usual trundle along to Poseurs’ Bar – the only thing he could raise right now is a wan smile. What? No he meant he couldn't raise a glass, you grubs.



  1. The ECQ donors list for the last Council Election lists $1000. Gabrielle Constructions (Phone book and web site Indicate Commercial Constructions.) and a C J Lesley $1000. maybe Battery World) both declared by Ernst as required Also Gabrielli Constructions were listed on the Townsville First donors list $2000. to Townsville First ... Pat Ernst must have a lot of Friends

  2. Magpie I think Cr Ernst might have got under your guard here I''ve checked the ECQ websit and i believe the return lodged by Cr Ernst contridicts what he states

    1. Magpie as I was saying neither Penisi Homes or any of the other names listed in the letter to the editor contributed to my campaign. ECQ site and engine search clearly displays the form that I submitted confirming this.

  3. There was a private lunch for 30 at Jam Corner.
    Don't know who went but neither of us obviously.

    Was hoping for a call all day too.

    1. With Jam Pies to throw for dessert, I hope?

      I thought this was a pathetic attempt at empathy and assisting charity. And, the public had to assist these grown up CEO's. for them to chip in?

  4. Thanks Pie will keep a look out for it.

    1. The only reason why they have their own internal 'pat on the back' awards is because it's also rigged. I bet they hack into their own staff's phone numbers.

  5. instead of slapping herself on the back for the 92% satisfaction rate by ratepayers Mayor Hill better take a closer look at the finances as with all the food outlets closing their goes the rego fees and with the amount of empty commercial properties their must be a hole in the rates collection.No one to blame this year Jenny so hopefully you can deliver!

  6. The 'Pie isn't his usual sparkling self of sweet reason, soaring wit and formidable intelligence right now ... he's got the 'flu big time. Anyway that's his excuse for missing a couple of great quotes he'd accidentally omitted from the last blog.
    They are:
    'Not in living memory has there been a government that so deserved to be thrown from office and an opposition that so little deserves to be elected'.
    Former independent MP Ted Mack, in his Henry Parkes oration on The State of the Federation last weekend.

    'Politics should be about how you change other people's lives for the better, not your own".
    The youngest MP in Parliament, 23-year-old Wyatt Roy, sticking it to billionaire buffoon Clive Palmer for what he described as Palmer's ' almost clown-like approach to politics.'  

  7. For Pat Ernst and the Magpie it would appear that either myself or T/B left the Donor GABRIELLI CONSTRUCTIONS out of MY LETTER ..From the ECQ Website Report submitted by Ernst shows Garbielli Construction $1000. and Leslie C J of Annandale $1000. I hope this clears things up for the satisfaction of all

  8. Always good and always entertaining.
    I suspect News Ltd will never publish anything about the hacking scandal.

    Sagely Yours,

    Miss Lou.

  9. I guess people shouldn't post on Facebook. It seems Rupert was here yesterday as evidenced by all the pics of local movers and shakers with him at Jam Corner including Jane Arlett and Coffee Club Franchisee Carolyn McCormack. And the reason for his visit? As Rupie said - to oversee the restructure of News Ltd. Hmm interesting.

  10. What a wonderful gesture by Rupert Murdoch to pose for photos with ALL Townsville Bulletin staff who are local residents (see today's Astonisher). I wasn't at the lunch, but I hear that Rupert also apologised for not flying in the Townsville Bulletin employees who now work from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Mumbai. There were just too many of them, apparently.
    Rupert also pointed out that he had made the decision to come to Australia (and Townsville) despite his keen interest in a court case in England, where two of his employees (yes, he is still paying them money) are facing stints in jail to protect Rupert and his dodgy son from phone hacking charges.
    I will never forget the sight of poor old Rupert, looking like a rat that had just been dragged out of a sewer, facing the Leveson Inquiry.
    Seems much brighter now though.

  11. Sacked Bully employee and potential cancer victimNovember 4, 2013 at 9:46 AM

    Did you notice - how could you not - the bum sniffing editorial in today's Astonisher about Rupert Murdoch and how great he is at "seizing opportunities".
    In response I sent the following comment to the Editor:
    "I totally agree that Rupert Murdoch is an expert when it comes to seizing opportunities.
    Like the way he and his son paid to have phones tapped in the UK, and his recent gesture in allowing two employees to face jail terms for phone tapping charges to save his and his son's bacon.
    And then there was the way he saved bucketloads of money by sacking local staff and moving their jobs to other cities. Oh, and let's not forget the way he sold off the asbestos riddled Bully building in Ogden Street to get rid of the evidence before the cancer starts appearing in former staff members.
    He must also be congratulated for giving preference to visiting Townsville over attending the phone hacking trial in the UK.
    What a gesture, what a great man, and what a pillar of the community.
    By the way, can we please have some coverage of the phone hacking court case in the Bully? You guys seem to have missed the juicy stories coming out of evidence in recent days."
    What are the odds of that response seeing the light of day?


    What dribble. He's an American now. Most of News Corp is owned by Saudis.

    Note, you cant comment on the story?

  13. Scott must be getting jealous of Zak's photography! ha!

  14. Ahhh - selfies. Whilst the two persons of whom you speak have exceedingly well developed egos, it does indicate a certain amount of inner fragility to feel obliged to advertise proof of your own importance on social media.

    I wrote that instead of "social climbing poseurs" - which would have been quite rude.

    All Rupert probably wants to know how come he is suddenly getting hate mail from Ethopia...

  15. I'd like to throw a pie at him in the Jam Corner.

  16. Imagine all the Jam wetness around the Murdoch camp in Townsville? Murdoch wouldn't care, he's here to beat the London media from scutiny.


    Given all that saccharine overload showered on Rupert throughout the paper today , it would be safer for you to visit Willie Wonka's factory. And the Great Man reflected his paper's disconnect with the community by tweeting apres Townsville 'Townsville Bulletin excellent local paper.' Ya reckin, Denozzo?

    Obviously the personal decline has started.

    1. Well, 'Pie...if you were intending to sell your car, you would hardly say to the world, "This is a really crap car and I can't wait for some mug to come along and buy it from me."

  18. On the subject of Rupert's Townsville lunch, did you notice the quote from Crisafulli bowing and scraping about how up to date the phone tapper was about Townsville. Confirms everything I always suspected of Crisafulli - a media tart who only appears when he can claim credit for something, or a chance to self promote.
    Also noticed developer Peter Honeycombe in the same photo in the Astonisher. They tell me that another BIG developer was also in attendance, but he had the common sense not to be photographed with Rupert.
    How does the saying go - you can always judge a person by the company he keeps.
    Nice one Crisafullofit.

  19. A large turn out at the Strand Ratepayers Ass meeting T/B states 50 people i counted 53 but about 10 - 12 were visitors/tourists/backpackers to the Strand Just having a sticky beak When will political pest and media hound (Magpies apt words ) and his band of shadows understand they no significance in the political divide in Townsville

  20. I wonder if the local developers who attended the lunch with Rupert realise how much it really cost them.
    First there is the loss of credibility attached to rubbing shoulders with such a grub.
    But more important they are still paying outrageous advertising rates to get to an ever shrinking audience of readers of the Astonisher.
    Now lets see - entrée at $80,000, main course $500,000 and dessert a steal at $40,000.
    And I thought Peter Honeycombe had brains.

  21. Well, ya just gotta hand it to them for chutzpah ('shameless audacity; impudence') But of whom does The Magpie squawketh, the cry is heard.

    Why, my little munchkins, none other than that Mayor Mullet and her PR toyboy Mr Simpleton, Anthony by name, he who writes for the Daily Astonisher under the pseuonym Anthony Templeton. Their combined effort in today's paper meets all the criteria of chutzpah on several fronts. Also the odd element here and there of blatant lying.

    If your're going to be a spin doctor (i.e selective liar) you need a good memory. So Mr Simpleton, blinded by the shimmering light of his muse The Mullet, appears to have the memory of a goldfish (sorry, goldfish, nothing personal). And the intelligence of one (now The Pie really IS sorry about that one, goldfish).
    This story in today's Astonisher .....

    is a jaw-dropper - for a number of reasons.

    Last week (TheAstonisher has only just caught up with it, and made it sound immediate, apparently iignorant of the fact that The Mullet is in Malta at the moment, and has been for the past three or four days) the council announced it had achieved a $1.5million surplus, the first in 13 years.

    Both keeping straight faces, Simpo reported that

    'Mayor Jenny Hill said that she was proud of her role in repairing the city's finances.
    "It's fantastic for the city to bring in a surplus and I am very happy I am the mayor that brought us back into the black," she said.'

    Last year, two budgets were brought down when the council majority rejected her populist vote catching and fiscally loopy idea of a rates freeze and a water rebate. Those were thrown out by the council majority, and the alternative budget without them was adopted.
    Only she - along with that goggled-eyed union goof Messagebank Walker and Boo Hoo Doyle - voted against the adopted budget which has now given us a handy surplus.
    Someone's got to be kidding
    Had Mayor Mullet had her way, last week's results would've been a $7million deficit! It would've taken years to claw that back, for no real benefit except heroine status among the fiscally illiterate. And she knows it.
    But being the relentless spinner she is, she followed the old adage that if you're being run out of town, get to the front and look like your leading a parade.
    Simpo should have known it, too - can never be too sure how bright he actually is, his colleagues think dim, so we won't rush to judgement on that one. But then, apart from being in charge of the mayor's campaign of running public policy as a faux media debate, Simpo works for a paper that fans the tiniest ember of a nontroversy in the hope of regaining readers who've headed for the hills (no pun intended - well, yes, damn it, there is).
    So iditorial after iditorial last year castigated Vern Veitch and those of like mind on the council for not letting the mayor her own minority way. And they said theyn backed the illusory 'battlers of Struggle Street' in need of the mayor's proposed panacea.
    That's the Campbell Newman idea of democracy that the paper squeaked on about ad nauseum.
    But Veitch and his fellow naysayers held their nerve, and were willing to - and relentlessly have - copped the rough end of the News Crap pineapple in unrelated areas, and all for sticking to their guns and now delivering a surplus for the first time in 13 years - 7 or 8 of those years during which Clr Hill was an obedient when not somnolent council member.
    It appears there is an unbluffable majority on council, and the influence of our only daily newspaper is teetering at a tipping point. A few more of these intelligence-insulting efforts from Simpo will help it on its way ,,, and that is a true shame for Townsville.

  22. Conan the GrammarianNovember 4, 2013 at 9:34 PM

    Does anyone remember Peter Pasquale Macari, a.k.a. "Mr Brown" from the attempted extortion of Qantas in 1971? Every time I see that full-face photo of Simpleton, I get a memory flashback....

    1. The only picture I could find of Mr Brown was the police mug shot. Simpo's photograph used by the 'Pie also looks like a mug shot (probably taken after being charged with Public Stupidity).

      But I see the resemblance, now that you mention it. But a love child only if his Mum got up close and personal with a walrus. I think that it is the vacant eyes with the "you looking at me?" glower of a drooling imbecile.

      FYI - the book 'Pie refers to is available on Amazon. I considered downloading it to my Kindle, but it seems to me the type of book that you should read at random, preferably whilst sitting in the Thoughtful Place. So I have ordered the paper version.

    2. The comparision of Simpo Templeton to 'Mr Brown' is most apt .... they are both known hoaxers.
      Today's spiteful attack on the council appears part of a planned campaign cooked up between Lachlan Heywood, Anthony Templeton and Jenny Hill ... The Pie doesn't go in for conspiracy theories but you have to hand it to the Mullet when it comes to underhand manipulative machinations ... it is such a happy happenstance that she is out of the country and unable to answer the obvious questions about her incredible claim to have been in part responsible for the $1.5million surplus announced last Friday - the day she flew out for a private visit to Malta. That claim, on the hard facts, tis he exact opposite of the truth. Her budget would have delivered to us a $5.5million deficit. And just when did she talk to Simpo? Or did he just take it all off a media release he was tipped to look out for?
      The way it appears to have been organised is something along these lines.
      The surplus is announced, the first in 13 years, and Jenny makes her outlandish statements that are easily seen for blatant lies that they are. Simpo put in a bit of extra spin, always trying to promote the 'divided council' line. Nice of him to cater to the 14% of Townsvilleans who have swallowed that fairytale as promoted relentlessly by the paper. But now, that puts deputy doo dah Vern Veitch in the position of either letting the mayor blatantly lie and just bite his lip - if that happens, Jenny (she thinks) gets a boost with the ratepayers for being such an economic clever clogs (if only!) - or he calmly point out (which becomes a 'rant' in the paper's over-bloated glossary) that she, Walker and Doyle voted against the alternative budget that delivered the surplus, so she cannot be taking the credit for it. That then leaves the door wide open for Simpo to deliver his wildly biased load of purple prose about a deeply divided council - never once axamining Vern Veitch's claim of previous council votes and debates.

      To top it off, iditor Heywood writes a truly mystfying emotive editorial backing up Simpo's heavily spun twaddle which is sheer unreasoned claptrap, but again aimed at sowing discontent in the community. All in the vain hope of arresting the kamikaze dive in sales.

      Facts are facts, and when calmly stated, deserve objective reporting and thoughtful editorialising based on clear facts.

      You really should apologise to this community, both of you cancerous blow-ins ... the verdict on The Mullet will be made by voters next time around.


    1. Geez, what a classic..!! Rupert was especially impressed to see a young journalist doing shorthand, a skill Templeton said he learned while at the Courier Mail.

      I've got some really good boozy pixs of Tempo!!! Ones with boozy gangland style bandanas!

  24. Wait a minute, aren't you forgetting that the ratepayers expect the council to at least balance the budget - every time.
    So why is anyone crowing about doing that for the first time in years.
    And the councillors who signed that self-congratulatory letter to the iditior about the survey they commissioned (in a pathetic attempt to con the community into believing they were doing a good job) should take a cold shower.
    The only survey they should be worried about is the next election, which is not that far away now.
    Enjoy it while you can guys - your constant bickering and amateurish attempt at a City Plan will sink all those who support it.

    1. Put your teeth back in, Old Mate. The millk arrowroots have run out and you just spilled your last cup of outrage all over your lap. Maybe that explains the spotted wanker bit.

      Balancing the budget means that, after paying for whatever it was that council had done over the year and servicing its debts, there is some money left over from income received over the same period. Something that the Labor Party just could not do at a national level for over 25 years.

      However, it can't always be like that. Sometimes, there will be a deficit - and for good and valid reasons .There is such a thing as "good" debt. Capital works for Infrastructure or repair bills after natural disasters can cost far more than what the council's income is over a given period. So council expends more than its income - using accumulated cash reserves or by borrowing the additional funds needed. Borrowings must be kept within acceptable levels - not like under the Mooney reign.

      Anyhows, what the fu*k has this got to do with the town plan, ya goose?

      You mob are becoming boring. Instead of constant and anile whining, how about you come up with some intelligent alternatives - based on legitimate town planning principles.?

      And spare us the developers/Townsville First conspiracy garbage.

      Sweet Jesus. Stupidity should be painful.

    2. I assume this nonsense is the ramblings of the Tvl Ratpack Assoc.

      To have any credibility in a debate - give your name and your title in this discussion.

      As an accredited Wanker Spotter, I assume you use David Moyle as your criteria.

      If you wankers have unearthed a plot against the ratepayers of Townsville, please advise readers in a sensible and honest format.

  25. Labor tosser spotter.November 5, 2013 at 4:40 PM

    Sorry wanker spotter but your Labor petticoat is on full display. Do you understand what a survey is? You don't have to con the community when they gave the answers. Problem for you Labor lossers is you just don't get it.

    Your party is in a mess so you spend all your time trying to drag everyone else down to your level. You party hadn't seen a surplus for 13 years. It took the current council to show what one looks like.

    How many times are you going to threaten the current council with the next election. You did that last time and you were smashed at the local government election just like you have in every other election at all levels in the last two years.

    You a sad and sorry lot of wingers who have nothing positive to offer.

  26. Wanker spotter - how do you know there is in-fighting in the council - because the Astonisher tells us. And the truthfulness of that is doubtful. Go to a council meeting or committee meeting if public and see for yourself. The councillors get on reasonably well while some tolerate others - fact of life working in any large business - which council is. As for an operating surplus - that is good news due to prudent financial management. Yes and I've hated the rate rises too - 100% increase since the amalgamation but hell there is absolutely nothing I can do about it!

  27. Wanker Spotter Next Council Election is 2.5 years away They have a 4 year term unlike State and Fereral (3 yrs) .We are only 18 or so months into their term....I understand it cannot be changed unless a referendum is held...

  28. Hey, "Grumpy" in relation to our exchange of comments last week re Film Actress Mary-Louise Parker I have over 1800 DVd's Inc 24 of MLP. If your interested in copying any of them, get in touch with me on 4779 5159. Magpie, it's OK to publish my phone number ... it's in the book and anyway, those who want to abuse me already know it! Rgds. Now you do, too, old bird.

  29. Wow, didn't that get the Liberal Lackeys out of the closet.
    So now we know that most of the regular contributors to this blog are supporters of Townsville First.
    and some of them regularly resort to gutter language when someone has a different view to theirs.
    Explains a lot of things.
    So boys, does the Liberal Party sponsor this blog????

  30. You Dickhead- this is a private blog. Open to all. No political censorship. Not subject to the Press Council Gummy Bears. I have never made any secret of the fact that I am a Liberal voter. And I voted for Townsville First. And I reckon the ALP is a party of lazy losers, driven by envy. Am I not allowed to post and express those views? Despite Bipolar Nicola's efforts, there is still such a thing as freedom of speech in this country.

    Even if most of the posters here are right-wing leaning - so what?

    Oh, - and what, exactly, does it "explain"? That there are people who don't agree with your paranoid leftie bullshit? Yep - we are part of that demographic called "the majority".

    If, as suspected, you are an ALP stooge, then good luck to you. Feel free to express your wacky views and peddle your paranoid conspiracy theories.. I won't be offended - amused, maybe - but not offended.

    Start talking about basic town planning philosopies and principles and I might start listening. I might also have some opposing views, based on those very same principles (of which I have a passing knowledge).

    As for the "gutter language" - well, fuck you, too

  31. Wanker spotter...stop living up to your name - I'm no lover of the LNP or Labor for that matter. I just support good governance, honesty and truth regardless of politics and spin - yeah I know that's an oxymoron but I live in hope rather than be ideology driven. And I suspect others here are the same.. over to you folks!

  32. For Wanker Spotter Further to my blog re Council Elections the next Council Elections (QLD WIDE) will be bought forward by a couple of months to Feb or Mar 2016 this is to avoid ALL Councils in QLD having an Election To close to Budget Preparations for the applicable next Financial year.. This occured with several Councils Inc TSV at the last election Due to the changing of the date and the State Election..

  33. Say what ya will wanker, but we all get to have our say on here,and it gets published. Unlike the Townsville Bulletin who picks and chooses what it publishes,negative feed back that calls it as it is, very rarely gets published unless it suits their cause(see super stadium crap). I for one am a big fan of the writings on this site because of the varying opinions.

  34. Hey Grumpy, we all now know how to push your buttons so have a nice cup of tea and a couple of Panadol, then lie down for a few hours.
    Then wash your mouth out with soap and try again.
    And another thing, your knowledge of how this blog operates is interesting.
    Surely you wouldn't be the Magpie in disguise.
    If not, how do you get away with your gutter language?

    1. Mate, you're making yourself look more and more like an obnoxious twit the longer you go on.
      How about just keep to facts for a bit.

    2. Now here we have a conundrum. Not sure what it's all about, but it sorta fitted everyone, including The Pie (he initally thought it was one of the milder free character readings he receives from an adoring public), but it seems like a good all-purpose spray, so what the heyho, if the cap fits ...

  35. The Pie has enough trouble writing this weekly load of codswallop, let alone spend time on phantom comments, so you may rest assured that Grumpy is Grumpy and not The 'Pie.
    But then again, maybe this is Grumpy pretending to be The Pie pretending not to be Grumpy but he really is - or maybe not. A typical Townsville conspiracy theory.
    That should keep you occupied for a while.

  36. Yeah Grumpy, you potty mouth :-) funny stuff indeed.

  37. Great Tabloid front page on today's Bulls***tin. Reflections of a car's interior light onto the windscreen. What a bloody insult to our intelligence?

  38. Jeez, 'Pie...

    You have caused me to suffer an identity crisis.

    Or is it a case of identity theft?

    Wanker-Man - the only things 'Pie and I have in common are our rakish good looks, alluring charm and ripped bodies.

    oh...and an identical birthmark on the left buttock.

    Not that I want to ruin a good conspiracy theory.

    That's the trouble with the comrades - they are so mired in their own devious, backstabbing, dissembling cesspit that they that intrigue and double-dealing is the norm.

    1. Too right, Grumps, and you can bet they honk their noses in the shower,.too. Animals!!

      So you've got that 'kiss here' tattoo as well.

  39. Wanker/Liberal Lackey spotterNovember 8, 2013 at 7:09 PM

    Now now Grumpy, you should have that cup of tea and a good line down.
    At least you seem to have washed out your mouth with soap.