Saturday, June 29, 2013

It’s been The Festival of the Fibbers this week, and not just in Canberra – our own Mayor Mullet and the story of her bright red mayoral MulletMobile has her tangled up in her great big porky. And someone who ‘burgered off’ from politics some years ago says he now wants back in -The ‘Pie thinks he might be fibbing, too, but McGeorge says he’s fair dinkum.

The Saga of the Mayoral MulletMobile vrooms along  – Jenny ‘Mayor Mullet’ Hill has lied about it but refuses to explain to ratepayers why she bought her $55,000 car in Brisbane when she could have got it for the same price, and delivered sooner, from here in Townsville. The Magpie knows why and tells all ….
 Macca on Katter …

… and The Astonisher does a Seinfeld, with a story about nothing (much) and another of mysterious origins.

Typo Gleeson and hilarious headlines are synonymous with each other, but this time, he's the subject of an absolute ripper.

And The ‘Pie selects the best quotes of the week, some that may have been lost in sound and fury of Canberra … they’re all here with a lot of other stuff, in the nest at

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Jenny’s jalopy; the Mystery of Mayor Mullet’s new car is solved – and the editor of the Townsville Bulletin upsets many with the Clanger of the Year.

It was something he hoped wouldn’t be noticed, but tough cheese, me old Iditor, you get the Blooper  of the Year – if not the decade – award. But the unintentional hurtful aspect has enraged some sections of the community.

Also, the King of the Nicknames Les Messagebank Walker earns yet a new moniker for some weird antics …

 … and as the national discourse is writ large in ever more purple prose, The Magpie has found the the ideal compromise candidate to take over in Canberra - judge for yourself.

All that and  some of the quotes of the week, all here in the nest at 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

So, who gets the Steggles Egg On Face Award this week? Foolya? Wingnut? Maybe that intellectual hunchback Howard Sattler? Nope, a total dark-horse gets the gong.

The Magpie confidently presents his Steggles award to a lesser-known Labor MP who flew under the radar to put forward what has been called ‘the most boneheaded proposal’ to date – he's seeking a ban on journalist’s making predictions.

And in so seeking, our winner managed to hang not only himself in the noose of his own idiocy, but also opened the trapdoor under his own Treasurer Goose.

And on the local front, Mayor Mullet appears to come up with a cunning plan, and The ‘Pie must say, it is a sneaky but clever have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too effort.

A top American spook has ‘em rolling in the aisles with his waterboarding of the English language, and resident doodler Bentley has come up with a great idea for How To Vote cards at the up-coming September massacre. All here and a lot of other pointless and speculative drivel in this week’s nest at

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Bulletin does the dirty on local business - big time - like a couple of million .... and an incredible tale of inflation and ... err ... urination.

The Astonisher does a Dr Who and also manages to ‘lose’ not only the Cruise Ship Terminal but also a major development at the Townsville marina …

… amended Queensland traffic laws might well have the interesting effect of driving us to drink …

… and an uncharacteristic dummy spit from Townsville Deputy Doo Dah, Vern ‘Uncle Fester Veich’ all here in the nest at

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mayor Mullet and her motors – did our gal spurn local Townsville dealers and spend the ratepayers’ money on her new council wheels out of town? The Astonisher has an amazing and inexplicable council budget about-turn, and The Magpie awards his inaugural Gina Rinehart Sharing and Caring Golden Gob(let) …

Language bashing was everywhere this week, from the funny to the farcical.

The week was also chockers with ‘wait, hang on a sec …?’ moment; The ‘Pie looks at the best of them ….

The proposed council budget has the good news and the bad news down at Dudley Do-Nothing House aka Townsville Enterprise, and it has ratepayers scratching their heads ….

Bentley sticks up for a completely forgotten figure in the Adam Goodes soap opera …. The ‘Pie has his two bobs worth on that sorry saga …

And if you’ve ever been pissed off with the zealotry of the local parking wallopers, just be thankful you don’t live in Sweden.

All that and much more of little consequence in this week’s nest at