Saturday, August 27, 2011

Has Townsville finally lost Typo? And Cuddlepie's demented dance; has he lost the plot completely?

Yup, if the tsunami of calls on the MagpieFone are to be believed, it looks like The Magpie was on the money - only a month or so late  - it now seems certain that it's ta-ta to Typo.  

The breathless word down the telephonic communicator is that our fabulating friend is heading south, and with so many dogs barking, there's got to be a bone in there somewhere.

Also this week, the continuation of the sad spectacle of a once cluey (well, kinda) man, one Cuddlepie Wallace, sinking further into his personal gathering darkness. And adding bruises to boofheadedness, no one has told Cuddlepie that not only should he not sing in parliament  but that he can't sing - anywhere. Make you're own call.

Another question this week; has anyone around here heard of an English mayor Peter Davies? All local mayoral candidates should bone up on him. They can do so here, it's all in the nest at

Friday, August 19, 2011

Typo infuriates Canberra... and other perils of premature ejaculation.

Yup, what a week of cock-ups, one landing a bloke in court and the other landing Daily Astonisher editor Typo Gleeson in deep do-dos with, of all people ... the Governor General of Australia.

Yep our boy Typo down in Ogden Street, who you'll remember a few months ago couldn't get the date right on the front of his own paper, showed during the last week that he is still wrestling with getting dates - and ethics - right. Unless, of course, it was just yet another cock-up.

More on that shortly but first, we look at the unexpected perils of modern airline travel, in this week's Magpie's Nest at

Monday, August 15, 2011

Medical Emergency: CPR Needed For Astonisher's Fading Circulation.

The time has come, 
The Magpie said, 
To talk of many things:
Of shoes - and ships - 
Newspaper circulations and media fings.

(with sincere apologies to Lewis Carroll, who won't care anyway, since he's been looking at the lid for while now.)

The latest circulation figures for the Townsville Bulletin make interesting reading, and so does columnist Kath Skene's impish wrigglings about her unusual sense of humour.

An extra serving of drivel for you to ignore. Otherwise, read on at

Friday, August 12, 2011

It's official: we can't get any smarter, according to the 'geekerati' of medical science, but boy, does The Magpie have some news for them.

Also this week, a well known Townsville legal eagle in deep doo-doos over some fiscal don't-dont's ... some reports say up to $6million worth of naughtiness;  and a new hat in - and another out of - the Townsville mayoral ring?

It's all here this week dressed-up drivel by what was termed in an anonymous Daily Astonisher editorial  as 'a cowardly blogger' with a poisonous and irrelevant agenda, known otherwise to you as The Magpie's Nest at With such a ringing endorsement, how can you not read on? 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

An amazing medical discovery - and it's no leg pull, growing back appendages WITHOUT surgery. True.

Remember John Wayne Bobbitt?

Most blokes will remember him with watering eyes and females with a wistful though grim and nodding smile. For in 1993, John-boy and his missus Lorena gained worldwide notoriety for a particularly noteworthy marital dust-up - madam lopped off hubby's whizzer, after its unauthorised usage in the marital bed after a drunken fight.

Certainly not a subject that The Magpie or any other bloke would want to dwell on at ... errr ... any length, but the saga of John Wayne's John Thomas sprang to mind this week when he read of an apparently genuine and genuinely amazing discovery in the US - a substance that allows dismembered appendages to grow back without surgery! 

This is not a Magpie leg-pull, it's apparently fair dinkum, and has already worked spectacularly in one instance. 

Join The Magpie on a cheery trip down memory lane and possible uses closer to home for this remarkable medication.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A mid-week Magpie's trivia trinket - mainly just for laughs, including a photograph Kylie Minogue wishes had never been taken.

We also look at the Townsville City Council's bid to be part of the Nanny State, and Typo hurls the toys out of the bassinet (again) over 'cowardly bloggers'. Who could he mean? So hop into the nest for your mid-week quickie at