Saturday, November 23, 2013

At last – gremlins defeated and The Pie is proud to present that promised report into the V8’s value to Townsville.

Also as promised, race critic Mike Shearer’s detailed analysis of that JCU report ... and The Magpie has a nasty little surprise you may have missed on the issue as well.

Architects tell us we are what we build, which means one Middle Eastern country makes a bold declaration of what they are …

An Indian politician proposes an innovative campaign technique, let's hope the Newman Government doesn't hear about …

... Also, The Courier Mail loses the plot, going all out for gimmicky front page censorship, and our own Astonisher has painted itself into an interesting corner, all here in this week’s nest at

First that electronically elusive V8 report we tried to bring you a few weeks ago.

The problem was that The ‘Pie had forgotten to plug the frappel hose into the glammis so that when he tried to engage the droople drive, the system jacked up and went into 'ptoohey’ mode. But all fixed now, so ….

By way of preface, you’ll remember that the Townsville City Council contributes $500,000 – in kind – to the annual SuperPests event, right?

No, WRONG. Wrong by a factor 50%!

On July 23rd this year, with little fanfare and certainly no mention in the self-interested Townsville Bulletin that The Magpie can find, councillors agreed to a whopping 50% hike in the city’s contribution the race, so that ratepayers suddenly find themselves now coughing up $750,000 each year. 

David Moyle must have missed this somehow - or else he thinks this is s good spend by ratepayers.

The popular trope is that this is not cash but ‘in kind’, which somehow seems to magically mean that we aren’t really paying anything – anything like wages, fuel, vehicles and so on, and that time is being taken away from other council tasks. Which is of course, horsefeathers.

The interesting thing about this is – apart from no one wanting to put it out there for public comment – is that the increase was decided just after this latest report by a team of JCU boffins almost doubled the previous estimates of the worth of the event to the city. They’re now talking about Townsville businesses benefitting to the tune of around $32million. But it seems just how this figure was reached could be somewhat selective.

The fiscally challenged Magpie offers the balanced and deeply reasoned response of ‘bull-bloody-shit’, but then what would he know. For a somewhat more professional and detailed analysis of here’s what council critic, professional analyst and race opponent Mike Shearer says.

For The Pie's part, he remains indifferent, the event is no bother and the television exposure is a plus, but public money must be balanced. Agree or disagree, at least you now have most of the available facts. Feel free to comment.

Moving on …
Shocking politician Ajit Jogi

This is a bloke the Brisbane Bantam might like to join him in George Street ... this is literally a shocker of a yarn.

Mr Jogi's electorate in India is home to some of the less politically sophisticated tribal groups - bit like parts of Kennedy or the Townsville Ratepayers Association - and he has been caught out persuading them that when using the computerised voting apparatus, they will receive an electric shock if they don't vote for him.

The Pie understands that Jenny Hill was investigating this technique for meetings at her Railway Estate Labor branch meetings. Our state attorney-general is also said to be looking closely at the idea.  

And here's a story to shock you in a different way, oh senstitive Magpie reader.

Remember the Pie’s recent ramble about the word ‘icon’ – ‘a thing regarded as a representative symbol of something’  and its regular misuse in The Astonisher? 

But all the same, the built environment , so architects tell us, draws inspiration from the natural environment, or from the society in which it built.

Well, seems to many that one Middle Eastern country has got it right. 

Townsville has its Sugarshaker

 – a clever dubbing in the traditional laconic Aussie style, as is Sydney’s ‘Coat Hanger’ ...

...Paris has it thrusting Eiffel Tower ...

London its Big Ben ...

Even a shopping mall in  Finland ...

... and, of course,  Italy the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Hard to miss the varying degrees of phallic symbolism, although the Pisa building seems in need of some architectural Viagra.

Well you indignant gals in your industrial undies and bib’n’brace overalls, rest easy, the imbalance has been corrected.

Over in Qatar, there’s been no shortage of comment on the design of the country’s World Cup Al Wakrah Stadium.

You thinking what everybody else in thinking, or can't you put your finger on it? Yup, that’s the general consensus of what it looks like ... a vagina. 

The ‘Pie was much amused at the official defence by the pommy architects, who said the design ‘resembled the sails of an ancient dhow boat that Qatar traditionally used for pearl diving’. Mongrel the Barrister suggested ’those would presumably be the famous Muff Pearls’.

Hey, this could mean that the euphemism ‘stadium’ could come into existence, as in addressing a careless driver after a bingle ‘waddudya do that for, you silly stadium?’ or the general one oft directed at The Magpie, ’Don’t be a stadium all your bloody life, mate!”

But then, Ms Al Wakrah might not languish in unrequited love for long, if in the dark of night, the Abu Dhabi hotel drops in for a bit of hanky panky.

Never know, they might spawn a little training field or two, or if they takes after dad, a couple of bed’n’breakfasts.

Mind you, this phallic stuff is nothing new, from ancient civilisations with their triumphal columns to the unashamed Japanese Shinto sculptures and carvings.

China has had a hard time of it lately, with their new national newspaper building …

A prick of a paper?
… and this one, immediately dubbed ‘big underpants’.

Suzhou Office Arch
Anyway, The’Pie figures those pommy architects who reckon it’s a boat design in Qatar are just a bunch of lying stadiums.

Whoever builds it, one trusts they won’t be recruiting this bunch of pommy stadiums to do the job; pic sent across by pommy pal Nick.

Closer to home, the title of Silly Stadium of the Week goes to the editor of the Curious Snail, who seemed to have stripped his gears, opting for out and out censorship … and boasting about it.

In an extraordinarily juvenile move of gimcrack gimmickry, the paper has declared war on England cricketer Stuart Broad, who they describe as ‘a smug pommy cheat’ because he didn’t walk when clearly caught in the last Ashes series in England. The editor decided his name was banned from the paper, and so was his image, no matter what happened.

The declaration of war came with this front page …

… and when Broad made mincemeat of Australia’s top order on the first day of the Brisbane Test, we were treated to this undergraduate effort.

Seems the hubris in News Ltd is growing as fast as its readership is diminishing. Remember when Typo Gleeson tried this stunt on the Gold Coast, banning any mention of Mayor Tom Tate – he was quickly brought to heel by his betters in Holt Street. Not sure the same fate awaits the boss of the Curious Snail - Broad hasn't any political clout or advertising dollars.

While we’re on cricket, Bentley sees an association between the big political issue of the moment and the start of the Ashes series.

Speaks eloquently for itself.

Something that speaks hilariously for itself is this winner of the Understatement of the Week, from the timid Astonisher Iditor Lachlan Heywood in today’s iditorial.
‘THE Newman Government's coup against the Parliamentary Crime and Misconduct Committee is a bad look and smacks of political interference’.

‘Smacks of’ political interference??!? 

Err, mate, ‘smacks of’ means 'hints at but unproven'. Wonder what sort of proof you need with this mob who are rapidly descending into quasi-fascism.

But all is fixed up with your squeaking, finger-wagging warning …

‘Premier Campbell Newman and his team need to be careful’.

That’ll put the wind up ‘em, you tell 'em, Lachy. Still hoping your jingoistic stadium campaign will be OK if you don’t go too hard on the Brisbane Bantam, mate? Especially since the state government and Mayor Mullet have said there’s no dough available for your pet hobbyhorse.

Looks like The ‘Pie was on the money when he posted this comment lasy Wednesday.
‘Our Dear (Opinion) Leader, the Daily Astonisher seems to be edging towards an interesting pickle regarding just which populist boosterism campaign to back - because two issues appear to be heading for a messy head-on.

The paper has been galloping along wih the populist push for a super stadium - there's another embarrassing suck-up editorial this morning - without any thoughtful examination of the full ramifications of such a project. Particularly for ratepayers. 

Such a stadium and convention complex certainly is a great idea, but these things come at a price ... and no mention has been made of what the council's contribution will have to be. The Pie knows one councillor, Clr Pat Ernst, is particularly concerned that this side of the equation needs urgent consideration, because anyone who thinks the council will be on the financial sidelines is kidding themselves. Try several tens of millions of dollars - which will have to be borrowed and serviced in the debt ledger.

Yet today, a report from AEC shows that Townsville rates are like that Kansas City skyscraper ' seven stories tall, and that's about as high a building ought to go'. 

Ponying up between $30million to (gasp!) $100million for a super stadium - even if Treasury allows us to borrow the money - will certainly mean an extra percentage or so on any other inevitable rate rise.

Yet in the same toady article on November 4 (by toyboy Simpo, who else?) in which Mayor Mullet made her deceitfully boastful claim "It's fantastic for the city to bring in a surplus and I am very happy I am the mayor that brought us back into the black," she is also is quoted saying
"It's important that we balanced the books and continue to keep a lid on council spending ... we didn't take any new borrowings in the (2013-14) Budget and I don't plan to take any major borrowings in the future."

On top of that soporfic schmoozing to the electorate, she adds that because of (Vern Veitch's) budget surplus, which she actually voted against, she will still try and get a rates freeze and water rebate passed next time around.
 Some people are slow learners.

Vienna has its boys choir, Salt Lake City has the Mormon Tabernacle Choir ... we have the 'Townsville Whines' Greek Chorus, and you can hear them clearing their throats ready to give full voice to their fiscal ignorance and blinkered view of entitlement. Lament laid on with a trowel.

Gonna be fun to see the ducking and weaving in the paper, as they yet again try to be all things to all people. 

Since that was posted, Mayor Mullet, when not gently snurffling and daintly blurting on her lounge while having her keys and Brisbane-bought council Commodore stolen, has bluntly told the paper ‘There will be no money borrowed for a stadium project as long as I am mayor. 

Well, that’s good, at least nothing can happen for two and a half years.


  1. Not wishing to be tiresomely picky Magpie, but London had, until recently, the Clock Tower, now the Elizabeth Tower, housing Big Ben, the bell itself. Granted, general usage often extends the term to the clock and even the tower, but it would be a shame to allow our standards to slip to that extent doncha think?

    1. We'd all be pricks if we allowed that to happen, Malcolm.
      Kirke? Scots for 'church'? Got a big steeple, Malcolm?

    2. A big steeple would be great Magpie, but unfortunately it isn't so .. strictly average.
      And of course Kirk is the correct Scots word for church, the extra 'e' brings you into Danish territory.

  2. Regarding the ridiculous proposal to build a super stadium for national sporting teams whose attendance figures have gone the same way as the Astonisher's circulation and readership, have you noticed that the Astonisher is taking a tight team approach to its relentless push for this unnecessary waste of taxpayers money.
    All of their so-called columnists are doing their bit to push the line that we need this potential white elephant. More team spirit there than in the Federal Labor Party.
    The Crocs, despite boldly but foolishly promising increased crowds and 100% sale of corporate boxes, are showing the same form off the court that they do on it.
    The Cowboys, who once boasted a healthy 22,000 fans at most home games and a sellout 27,000 or so at the Cowboys v Broncos derby, are now lucky to get 14,000 (and those figures are very rubbery if you look at the tv vision of the crowd).
    Even the Cowboys v Broncos game has turned into just another below budget game.
    So no matter what financial rewards the super stadium supporters conjure up, or how much the Astonisher pushes this "We're For North Queensland" cause, the figures just don't stack up.
    The time has come to take a very close look at where our money is being wasted - millions for a shipping terminal that can't accommodate large cruise ships, zillions for a super stadium that will never be able to run at a profit and will be a long-term burden on the public pocket, $750,000 for a motor race that makes millions for its private promoters, tens of thousands for a basketball team that attracts less than 3000 fans to a game and is on the slippery slide to extinction.
    Please, let's just try living within our means for a change.
    The Aussie battlers out in the Townsville suburbs have been struggling to do that for years.

  3. Well Typos influence is shining through the Sunday Mail. Childish and pathetic Headline on the front page, Poms can't bat,can't bowl, even our wags are hotter. Time for these fool to show some maturity.

  4. Will Townsville First (or by what name they go by at the next Council Election) stand a candiate against Cr Pat Ernst) He did defeat one the better performing Councillors in Natalie Marr (Townsville First) at the last election. It will be interesting to see.

  5. Tthere is nothing in the agenda of the full Council Meeting held 23 July 13 re discussion on the increase in funding to the V8's This increase in funding would have had to be approved by a majority of Councillors (and the Mayor if a tied vote) . Who voted which way for it to be approved ???

  6. Interesting report on the Townsville 400 by M Shearer one question if anyone outside the statistical District of Townsville is classed as a visitor (ie as mentioned in Mikes report the Nothern Beaches) what is the NSEW boundries of the statistical report....... is Magnetic Island included or are they listed as visitors

  7. Further to anon's comments .Anyone got any ideas on a Mayoral Candiate at the next Council Elections B Porter (again) Colin Dwyer ,,T Parsons D Last again Jenny Hill again I 'm aware it's 2 and a bit yrs to got but anyone got any ideas

  8. The minutes for the full Council Meeting 23 July 13 show Confidential Item Item 39 Infrastructiure Services Directorate ; Continuationion of Townsville 400 .2013 report Page 6552 >>>>> Confidential means that the public/press/Paul (shadow) Jacob are excluded . I PRESUME this is where the report into the V8's was discussed and the extra funding approved . Their are 2 ways you could establish if this was the case A) do a right to information Although as Mike Shearer will confirm it may come back Commercial In Confidence 2) Query with one of the Councillors Present (the Minutes do not indicate any Absentees) Cr Pat Ernst may be a good start or Cr Colleen Doyle y@ The Council uses the ploy of confidential items to exclude the Public /Press and anyone else they think may report details. Of course some items are confidential for example to discuss and approve Tenders but the Council both past and present tend to overuse this ploy...

  9. Malcolm I do wish you'd put your energies into more good political goss instead of the high school boy dick jokes.
    Good work on the V8's - We are sick & tired of the road blocks that go on for weeks not days - the disruption to traffic including business traffic is appalling!

    1. Comprehension seems not to be one of your strengths Anonymous, as a closer inspection of the original mild exchange would reveal.
      It was not I, but The Pie, who introduced the clever "high school boy dick joke" which you so disparage, together with the inferred complimentary steeple reference, regrettably inaccurate.
      A descent from the sanctimonious pedestal in order more to enjoy life might be beneficial.

  10. C'Well Cr Pat Ernst <You have Commented on this site before .Did you vote to increase the funding by the Council to the Townsville 400

  11. Did anyone read that pathetic story today on page five of the Astonisher trying to cover for the mayor after she had her mullet mobile stolen last Friday.

    Saturday's front story said she had fallen asleep on the lounge and left the front door open. In waltzed the thieves took the keys to the ratepayer funded rev head machine and her sons car and casually drove away. Leaving the door open is a stupid thing to do but the mayor would not be the first to do it.

    Instead of taking in on the chin today instead we see this piece of fabrication that she was up all night working for the ratepayers. She thought the door was locked and didn't hear the crooks come and go. At 4am they would have to be bloody quiet if there was someone in the house working.

    Now the police are trying to solve the mystery as to how they got in. It's simple. Not the back yard because there are two blue heelers out back that she proudly displayed on the front page of the Townsville Sun when she was trying to buy votes during the last election. That leaves the front door. No signs of forced entry, yes that means it wasn't locked. Police report completed. Resident fell asleep and left the front door open.

    Remember on Saturday the coppers found her car nearby due to certain circumstances. A brand new car just doesn't stop for no reason. I bet it ran out of petrol. Can't have been much in there.

    Why did the Astonisher print this rubbish and why didn't the mayor just take it on the chin instead of presenting herself to the public with this rubbish. I notice no by line on the story. None of the reporters were prepared to put their name to it.

    1. There is an Auto Repair shop in Garbutt , Combined Auto Repairs The owner is listed as donating $6000. to the Townsville First Election Campaign. Could The Mayor have both cars checked there. (sic) autop RC

  12. I think it's called amnesia when it comes to cencorship...

  13. Always good, always entertaining.

    Sagely Yours,

    Miss Lou

    1. Oh, Ms Lou, people will start talking ....

  14. With the Brisbane Bantam leaning further to the right than Genghis Khan, I think I have a solution to the bikie gang shutdown. All those gangs need to become political parties! Simple. You can't stop political meetings of any colour. And Newman would have to maybe arrest himself? Seriously, I think it could work...

    1. Glad to see you agree withThe Pie, who asked the very same question in his blog two weeks ago. Anyone out there who will tell us why this wouldn't work for the grubs?

    Larry Pickering is a bit like the curate's egg - some bits are quite good, others not. Sometimes, his almost incoherent rage lets him down interms of credibility. But sometimes, he comes up with a point of view that is worthy of quite consideration. Like this, written a couple of days ago. As far as The Magpie has had the time to check, his information is correct.



Saving face may be a high priority for an Asian but in the real world of international diplomacy it can be very costly. And SBY has foreshadowed a showdown that is likely to leave him without a face to save. 

Demanding an apology leaves no room to manoeuvre, as does giving an apology, and Australia understood that when an apology wasn’t demanded from Indonesia over their troops’ slaughter of five of our journalists in Balibo. 

An apology is an admission of guilt and not even Whitlam could expect that of them.

SBY’s statement that he will not co-operate to protect our borders (unless an Abbott apology is forthcoming) is close to a declaration of war: He is saying his administration intends to continue to support, and profit from, the breaching of our sovereign borders. 

That’s pretty serious stuff!

Unfortunately that’s the only card SBY has to play... Abbott has a full deck.

Ex-Indonesian army generals like SBY are usually not known for their high IQs but this bloke is different yet his naiveté is confounding.

As we said initially Abbott will not be apologising for anything and if SBY is silly enough to play the smuggling card he is courting a public relations disaster... he doesn’t realise the importance to us.

“So, Mr Bambam, while you are still getting your priorities in order, please return the two patrol boats that we gave you and also return the two that Ms Gillard gave you, you know, the ones that were supposed to be used to intercept boats but are in north-east Sumatra somewhere fishing. 

"Of course you understand you will be without $648.8 million in aid budgeted for next year, so the renovations on your weekend palace will just have to wait. 

“Oh, and the $500 million to build schools on that land your brother intends to sell you (but hasn’t bought yet) you can give that back. 

"But we don’t want the Hercules returned, they cost more to keep in the air than the aircraft is worth but we won’t be upgrading them for you now, or paying for the fuel now.

“Forget that costly HIV assistance program and the almost two million needles we supply to your addicts. Also inform those doctors we train for you, you know, the ones who can’t tell a stethoscope from a thermometer?

“You will need to apologise to those 600,000 poor people who we were in the process of supplying running water to, guess they’ll go thirsty or get sick again now. 

“And sorry, but we will be unable to train your military personnel anymore because they might be shooting at us now... just as well they couldn’t hit the water if they fell out of a boat, eh?

“Oh, and the 596,000 teachers and school officials who couldn’t read? Unfortunately we will have to cancel the adding-up classes now.

“You remember that 110 kilometers of roads we had under construction? Oops, those potholes!

“Oh and that wonderful ‘Empowerment of Women’ program across 3,234 villages? Guess those Islamic blokes will be happy about that eh?

“And what about those 1,598 officials we were training in electoral management systems? You politicians will be over the moon about that I guess.

“And that real-time Rapid Response Earthquake Impact Estimation System we were setting up for you. That’s stuffed now.

“But we will keep our commitment to deploy assistance within 48 hours of any Indonesian disaster because, unlike you lot, we are a decent people.”

  16. Yes, yes, orright, that should be 'quiet' not 'quite' in the Pickering comment.

  17. Hang on a minute.
    That's a pretty dodgy 'make-good' in the paper yesterday, which, to use the ititor's phrase du jour 'smacks of' the odour of fish. And it doesn't fix the deficiencies in the original story.

    Has our mayor been caught with her pants down, or are they as usual, just on fire.
    There's something fishy about this business of her car being nicked by some kids (she jumped on the populist bandwagon big time by claiming the offenders were 'juveniles' and possibly wanted to return to Cleveland Youth Detention Centre because of rough home life - the cops hadn't nabbed anybody of any age or suggested who might have done the deed at the time of that statement.) The odds are that it was kids, but after getting into her house without breaking in, while she was - ahem - 'crashed" on her lounge, the cops apprently told the paper they had got in through an open door.

    The Mullet, realising she looked like a goose, instructed the paper to put in the page 5 clarifer on Monday, saying she hadn't left the front door 'open'. and to her knowledge, it was locked. Dr Who got in Maybe? That's just playing with sematics, because 'open' can simply mean unlocked. A very silly look for our civic leader.

    Mayor Mullet suggested she was so exhausted after working on her computer for the 'ratepayers of Townsville' (give us a bloody break) she swooned into a sudden slumber in her lounge room. The paper said the house was 'broken into' which in fact is not what happened according to law, whether the door was open or just unlocked - there was no 'break'.

    But The Pie is glad she set him straight, because the old bird may have got the wrong impression that she'd had a night on the turps down at the Patriots Club (the Viet Vets and retired ADF personell's motorcycle club where the mayor is known to sink a few with the boys from time to very frequent time (she's an army reservist). And here was the scurrilous Magpie thinking she had made it home and crashed on the lounge, without locking (or possibly closing) the front door. The old bird apologises for such disrespectful thoughts. As she said, she was working on a presentation (presumably for the Chamber of Commerce knees up the next night) although it's a mystery why the very capable TCC media mob hadn't penned that for her, which they would normally do.

    Mystery all round.

    1. couldn't be that Jenny simply forgot where she parked after a sesh at the rubbitty rub the night before?

  18. Take a moment to contemplate this headline and opening paragraph in today's Astonisher.

    'Danger ZonesTo Get No Favours'

    'TOWNSVILLE will not be able to jump the funding queue to upgrade danger zones on the Bruce Highway despite Herbert MP Ewen Jones being made chairman of a road safety funding panel'.

    That's unarguably one of the most biased, sledging headlines, clearly inferring that that local danger zones were being either ignored or neglected by a person elected to represent our interests.

    And are we to take it that the Bulletin is advocating that grossly unfair and most un-Australian of activities - queue jumping - but at the same time laments that local MP Ewen Jones (note the word 'despite') is somehow being disloyal to Townsville when he made it clear that he won't be using his new position as chairman of the Queensland Consultative Panel for the Black Spot Program to push local needs ahead of other equally meritorious areas. Poor old Dumbo, even when he does the correct thing he still gets a kick in the nuts from the paper.

    But Mr Jones then got a bit muddled when he identified the priorities for black spot funding, describing them as 'a problem'.

    'The problem is the program is guided by the number of fatalities and bad accidents,' he told the paper.

    No, Dumbo, that is not a 'problem' , that is actually it's merit.

  19. If you check the agenda of the Full Townsville City Council Meeting held today 26/11 In particular item 54 List of addendum items page 1 Officers reports CONFIDENTIAL items;;;;; item 54 Townsville Waste Services Hazardous Waste disposal FEES> This means that rightly or wrongly as with the Townsville 400 Funding all Press Public must leave Council Chambers while this is discussed , after discusion the meeting is reopened for Press/Public....

  20. A very good read, thank you Pie

  21. Is it a case of Nightmare on Walker Street? Is there something we haven't been told? re the lunatics running the asylum?

    Last week, the Local Government Managers Australia (Qld) held a special training session at Queensland University the 'Working With Difficult People Forum'.

    And this is the email flyer used to promote the event and attract the ounters.

    Working With Difficult People Forum
    Does the following person sound familiar?
    • He/she can be found working inside many of Australia’s businesses and corporations.
    • She/he intimidates fellow workers.
    • He/she exhibits impulsive behaviour.
    • He/she demonstrates a lack of remorse.
    • She/he is glib and superficially charming.
    So who is he/she?
    • Workplace psychopaths exist in a variety of workplaces. They are individuals who manipulate their way through life and leave an indelible mark on both their victims and society.
    • They are destructive men and women - cunning, self-centered, ruthless and terrifying.
    • They make working life a living hell for many of us.
    • What motivates these individuals? How can you protect yourself from these ‘monsters’ who hide behind a veneer of respectability? Don’t be a victim - be wise to their tricks!

    Should there be a special session for councillors - and mayors?

    1. This sounds liike 'some' News ltd staff. For example; check this ad out.

      Willingness to work over a 24 hour, 7 day roster including shift work, weekends and public holidays.

      This is for a casual. In other words, you work when and where they want. They own you 24/7. Forget about a second job.

    2. News Corp Australia recognises that the enthusiasm, passion, talent and commitment of our people help shape our future. Our people join and stay with our company because they thrive on being challenged and enjoy working in a fast-paced stimulating environment. We offer a competitive remuneration package; a focus on learning and development opportunities, supportive management team and fun and rewarding environment.

      err.... really? Ask the Townsville staff or ask Anne Atil of the Hun

  22. With great respect your Pieness, the term "Break and Enter" is old English (Law of Torts, Judges Rules et al). The understanding of "Break" in this instance is simply to cross or break the boundaries of a property (usually with intent) but nothing material (ie locks doors etc) needs to actually physically broken. Its all about definitions of private or personal space.

  23. Oh come on Pie - this is standard practice in the corporate world 'cause there are so many psychos out there. I've seen it first hand and it's bloody scary. Forget the training just shoot the bastards!

  24. BB – there’s an interesting book called “Snakes in Suits” which tells of the high-functioning psychopaths in the business and corporate world. Worth a read – although I did recognise some of my own endearing personality traits.

    I can tell you that the legal profession has more than their fair share of personality disordered megalomaniacs. Goes all the way up, too. Over the last couple of of decades, there have been some particularly dreadful judicial appointments – particularly in the Federal sphere. And who could ever forget Foley’s Follies of the late ‘90’s...that disastrous experiment in judicial gender balancing giving us the like of Di Fingleton, and the blatantly prejudiced Jacqui Payne (who thinks it OK to swear at police officers doing their job because “they should be used to it”).

    The ALP (and to a lesser extent the LNP) should be reminded that political loyalty does not alone a good judicial officer make - indeed almost by definition quite the opposite.

  25. Further to anon comments 25/11 re query for Cr Pat Ernest " did you vote to increase the funding by the Council to the Tsv 400 ... " There as been no reply in the positive or negative as yet.

  26. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Do tell... What did it say? The deleted comment....

    2. Umm, just how can we break this news to you?

      There are reasons why things are inadvertendtly published and then deleted ... so that you DON'T know what was said.

      Get it?

  27. Seems someone's over-egging the cake a bit about internal goings-on at the Astonisher, but from what The Pie can gather, Simpo Templeton's arrogance is continues to cause a few waves, to the extend that there have been quite a few complaints from the public about his stories. It has been strongly suggested that he's internally put a lot of noses out of joint because he is apparently so far up himself he could whistle in stereo. There are even reports that some have complained to HR but that is - surprise, surprise - in Sydney nowadays, so complaints from outpost bureaus like Townsville will probably be consigned to the round file under the desk. Simpo appears to be ideal promotion material within News Ltd.

    The Magpie is not alone in hoping such advancement to some southern posting comes soon. The mayor will be bereft.

    1. The more ruthless you are at News, the bigger and higher you go.

    2. I believe because the Pie master, Mr Mudoch chose the prodigy himself... The goon bag boy, the one with short hands.

  28. You know you're getting old when after cutting your hand on a old wire fence in the garden going to your Doctors nurse to get a Tetanus shot and you ask "When do i come back for my next one" then she replies "don't bother this one should see you out"