Saturday, October 5, 2013

Those damn numbers just keep coming: buttock puckering time for two big North Queensland sliders whose fortunes continue to fade.

The final count shows The Mad Katter looks to have used up eight of the feline’s allotted nine lives – he’s squeaked home in Kennnedy, possibly for the last time.

And the Townsville Bulletin remains in the death roll, joyfully being again chomped by those nasty people at circulation.

But that hasn’t stopped the Astonisher again resorting to sneer and smear with a snide little story of which they, and reporter Daniel Bateman should put up o shut - except to apologise.

And in among the other bibs and bobs is a shaggy dog story about a dwarf with a lisp that you’ll be telling all your friends, all here in the nest at

Language Watch, Dept of: apparently, kick backs, bribes, baksheesh, greasing the palm …. all those unsavory things are restricted to the lower forms of operators in countries that are rife with graft and corruption.

But such activity is not for upstanding Aussie businessmen, no siree Bob.

It emerges that our officials and executives, accused of such activities, are mightily miffed at the idea, explaining that what they did was make ‘facilitation payments’.  Which one then supposes will leave them to consider that they may face the possibility of a stretch of ‘involuntary deprivation of sexual preference’, an experience they will share with their 'involuntary confined space co-habitator' an obese bald person with tattoos named Bubba.

Weirdest Headline of the Week goes to our own Astonisher for this headscratcher ...

... which was somewhat loopy even for the sports pages. 

Several callers, laboring under misapprehension that The Magpie ‘knows these thing’ rang to ask what it was on about. The story was about Wayne Bennett not coming north to coach the Cowboys. After deep contemplation, The 'Pie's best guess is that the headline writer is a Seinfeld fan, and the piss-poor photo shopping of Wayne Bennett in a chef’s outfit refers to the (apparently famous) Soup Nazi episode in Seinfeld, where a dictatorial soup shop operator runs a tight ship, and any customer  who transgresses is told ‘no soup for you’. But we all knew that, didn't we?

Torturous, really and doesn't make sense.

By contrast have a look at how it can be done. Cover of the week goes to this effort by Time, for it's elegantly eloquent take on the US fiscal shutdown. 

When it came to the Quote of the Week, it was no contest, this lady was the winner hands down.

Qld Nurses Union secretary Beth Mohle.

"Unfortunately, the Health and Hospital Services are being run by people who know the cost of everything but have no idea of the value of anything."
Queensland Nurses Union secretary Beth Mohle , commenting on the fact that more than 1100 nursing and midwifery positions had been axed by the Queensland Government. She was echoing Oscar Wilde’s famous definition of a cynic, a person who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.
Ms Mohle was speaking after the Townsville Hospital’s annual report was tabled in state parliament.
This highly selective confection contained a lot of honeyed words, self-praise, rationalisation and nary a hint of the devastation wrought by the wholesale sackings (mostly of the wrong people) in one of a community’s most basic organisations, our health services.
Hospital Board Chairman John Bearne
And now imported CEO Julia Squire and Hospital Board chairman John Bearne are about to start ripping off pensioners, hobbling sick people and those who need to make multiple visits to the hospital for vital treatment, by introducing car parking fees. No thought of validating car parking, where patients are given a slip which excuses them from this totally unwarranted and cynical cash grab? Maybe just pensioners?

Even more galling is that it is not as though we are being offered some new you-beaut parking facility to justify this impudent impost. The car park remains completely unchanged, a asphalted paddock with no sun cover. Exactly the same except for the inward and outward boom gates, which will shortly require $5 to open. The ‘they’re all doing it’ mantra that other hospitals charge for car parking ignores the fact that those hospitals are well serviced by public transport, and are not out in the boondocks where a cab ride would be well beyond the reach of the sort of people who require and have the right to public medicine.
Which brings us to the other side of the coin in the Tale of The Chairman, His Squeeze and the Daily Astonisher.
The Astonisher's happy snap, which helped put in the boot. 
Last Tuesday, reporter Daniel ‘Master’ Bateman ran this snide and heavily loaded story. The guts of it was that Chairman John’s partner, Michelle Warrington, was the successful candidate for a $120K a year job in the hospital’s finance department.
The opening paragraph set the cowardly tone for this bit of snide wink-wink-nudge-nudge innuendo
'A SIX-FIGURE accounting position, created at Townsville Hospital when more than 200 health workers were sacked, was filled by the hospital board chairman's partner.'
What, pray tell, is the relevance of the 200 sacked health workers in this context – except to obviously poke a stick into the hornet’s nest of ignorant, conspiracy-obsessed readership. The phrase ‘false syllogism’ comes to mind – when two true premises are used to reach an incorrect conclusion (‘All penguins are swimmers – swimmers compete in the Olympics – penguins swim in the Olympics'.)
Here, we have the unworthy, and totally unsupported conclusion that: John Bearne is the Townsville Hospital Board chairman  -  his fiancée is selected for a well paid job in the hospital finance section – John Bearne has somehow engineered this cushy result, despite being instrumental in sacking 200 staff.
After the innuendo has been made front and centre, Master Bateman quotes Bearne’s clear statement that he in no way could have influenced the selection panel’s decision. It is well known that Ms Warrington was working in the hospital finance section well before he became board chairman. What Master Bateman does not say – and it would seem to be relevant – is that, according to a Magpie source Ms Warrington is an experienced finance professional who holds both a BA with honours and a Masters Degree in commerce and accounting (or such related fields) and is said to seeking a PhD. 
So here we have the paper of record slipping in emotive, irrelevant insinuations that have no basis in fact … or if it does, Bateman’s keeping it to himself. Pretty neat effort though, smearing in one fell swoop, Bearne, Ms Warrington, and perhaps most importantly, the selection panel who interviewed all 13 candidates for the position. A smear without a skerrick of evidence.
Astonisher hack Daniel 'Master' Bateman.

Here’s a question, Daniel – what official measure would you seek to have in place to curtail a person’s deserved career advancement because of a personal relationship that has no bearing on that advancement (and therefore is no business of yours or the publics)? Your editorial manager will read any reply with nervous interest.

It is well known that The Magpie has questioned John Bearne’s performance in past posts he has held where public funds are involved, and The 'Pie will continue to do so. But his personal life where his public position is not involved will continue to be no one’s business but his own.
Anyway, the good news for Chairman John and his squeeze is bad news for the Bulletin … the downward spiral continues apace, so fewer people than ever have seen that poisonous little bit of bullsh#t.

Here are the gory circulation details for April/June quarter this year.

This from a comment The 'Pie posted during the week.


The numerical horror story continues for the Townsville Bulletin, with the latest quarterly circulation figures causing further buttock-clenching down at the Astonisher.

The latest Audit Bureau of Circulation figures for April-June were down 8.3% on the same period last year, shrinking from 24,594 readers each weekday then to 22,551 now. 
And Saturday's flagship is in even worse strife, steaming speedily towards the readership reef with an 8.9% drop in circulation, down from 38,323 in 2012 to 34,898 now. This in a circulation area of roughly 250,000 - good work you guys.

And the carnage on the Coast is even worse.

The Gold Coast Bulletin is down 14.7% on weekday averages (36,378 down to 31,017) and Saturday in a train wreck, shedding a massive 16.6% (dropping from 54,206 to 45,182). Circulation region roughly 600,000.

But even the Big Boys are getting sloppier. Sydney’s execrable Daily Telegraph (circ down more than 11% in the last quarter) appears to be sub-edited in New Zuland by people with less interest in accurate geography than even people in NSW.

Today, the Terror Graph mystified a lot of readers with this front page, confusing the Sunshine Coast with the Gold Coast …

They meant Gold Coast.

Ironic that the paper that loves rabbiting on about terrorists is written and subbed by ‘errorists’.

And on that subject of bikies, resident doodler Bentley believes that the government is convinced that all the unpleasant publicity and tough (albeit unworkable and challengeable) laws will bring about a change of heart to the two wheeled toughs.

From Wild Bunch to Mild Bunch.

From wild to mild could be said of Cut Snake Party founder The Mad Katter. It looks like this term will be a final hurrah from this thought-disordered noisy underachiever.

On Monday, the official announcement of a return to parliament for the member for Kennedy, and that must be the first time since he was first elected that Bob has had to wait more than a couple of hours after polls closed to know his normally runaway result.

Pipped at the post; the LNP's Noeline Ikin.

So we now have the situation where Noeline Ikin is clearly the first preference choice, ahead on primaries by almost 10,000 votes following a massive 17.35% swing against the incumbent. But because Katter’s Cut Snake Party did preference deals with Labors, the Greens and the Palmer Canine Party (PUP geddit), he is returned for another term of getting nothing done for his electorate.  Ikin would've been in the government ranks. Funnily enough, it was probably those deals that prompted the wholesale flight of primary votes in the first place.

Enough seriousness.

And if you thought we have the prospect of some weird, kangaroo poo chuckers and rev heads representing us in parliament, at least we haven’t got a professional wrestler, like Germany now has. 

Well, Australia does have Bronwyn Bishop.

We think he’s the one on the left … but not sure. Incidentally interesting to note that the Greens in Germany, a power for so long, went down faster than the squatter’s daughter at the Shearers’ Ball. One of their policies in particular was not to the taste of Der Elektorate – the Greens proposed a law that the country have a dedicated vegetarian day – each week.

And while we’re overseas,  fast living Norwegians have come up with the ultimate reality TV show … an five hour knitting marathon - live, so anything could happen. Should get Ray Hadley in to call it ...' She's going to drop a stitch ... OH NO, she's pearled one and DROPPED TWO ... she'll need to hold her nerve if she's to hold out the fast finishing Brunhilde, this is knitting at it's finest'. But what The Pie liked best when he spotted this site was the side story headline Reseachers Say LSD Is Good For YouDon’t know about good for you, but would seem somewhat necessary if you’re watching Norwegian telly.

Finally, that promised (threatened) shaggy dog story, which please do not read if a: you are a dwarf and/or b: you have a lisp.

A bloke calls his mate, the horse breeder, and says he's sending a friend over to look at a horse.

His mate asks, 'How will I recognize him?'

'That's easy; he's a dwarf with a speech impediment.'

So, the dwarf shows up, and the breeder asks him if he's looking for a male or female horse.
'A female horth.'

So he shows him a prized filly.

'Nith lookin horth. Can I thee her eyeth?'

So the breeder picks up the dwarf and he gives the horse's eyes the once over.
'Nith eyeth, can I thee her earzth?'

So he picks the little fella up again, and shows him the horse's ears.

'Nith earzth, can I thee her mouf?'

The breeder is getting pretty ticked off by this point, but he picks him up again and shows him the horse's mouth.

'Nice mouf, can I see her twat?'
Totally mad at this point, the breeder grabs him under his arms and rams the dwarf's head up the horse's fanny, pulls him out and slams him on the ground.

The midget gets up, sputtering and coughing. 

'Perhapth I should rephrase that. Can I thee her wun awound a widdlebit?'

Enough now, it is away to Poeurs' Bar, where the old bird will start making some facilitation payments of his own, in the fervent hope of closing a deal, and that no one finds out.


  1. The Astonisher's circulation figures are indeed in free fall and no wonder.
    The paper seems to have joined the Townsville First team's (yes Vern, if you run for election as a team and vote as a team, then you are a team) push for 5 storeys on The Strand.
    Plenty of stories supporting this plan from a bloke who has no qualifications on town planning (Tony Parsons), but virtually noting from the other side. The Astonisher's version of balance is akin to a one-sided see-saw.
    Obviously the iditor isn't aware of the depth of feeling about this issue in the community.
    But there is one good thing to come out of the recent stories in favour of the developers - we now know that Tony Parsons, Vern Veitch and Trevor Roberts are supporting the plan to fix what isn't broken on The Strand, so that's three candidates we can put a line through come the next election.

    1. There is more to the City Plan than Strand building heights. Perhaps this issue is designed to deflect interest in other aspects of the Plan

      People in the Upper Ross will find that no changes will occur in that area for the next 25 years.

      Thuringowa Central has a few zoning changes, but the killer is that no Department stores will be permitted on the Willows site! Jenny Hill and her cronies have been pushing for development of the outer-fringe area known as the CBD and this is their idea of pro-active planning.

      The vast majority of people in Townsville live, work and play tens of kilometres from the 'CBD' and all existing housing projects are adding to these numbers.

      Since coming to power, I don't think I have heard Hill mention Thuringowa Central, Riverway, Upper Ross or Northern Beaches

  2. Always informative and interesting piece this week.
    Keep smiling Pie!

    Sagely Yours,

    Miss lou.

  3. I'm sure Iditor, Cath Bloody Mate Webbarrr, Gold Coast will fix the'terrabull' problem

  4. Can't say too much good at Mr Scientific Bateman!

  5. Why is it so difficult for the Bully to have the current edition of Townsville Eye on its web site instead of last week's? It can't be THAT hard surely!

  6. Good grief!!!!!!!!!!! Has John Bearne had a facelift? Or is he on botox? The photos of him with his most recent squeeze appear to show a new man. Or maybe it is just the tint he has put in his greying hair. Reminds me of Warney. Come the think of it, he could be copying Warney, Hear tell that Bearney was making creative use of texting with certain staff members when at TEL. Sadly the similarities end there because Warney has actually achieved something. on

  7. Well said Strand Fan. Townsville First ran as a team at the last election and despite trying to convince everyone they are now independents, they will run as a team again next time we vote. So you can bet they will vote as a team on the town plan and we the residents and ratepayers will just have to cop the pineapple..
    Can just one of these clowns please tell us what qualifications they have in town planning, and what gives them the right to change to change The Strand forever.
    There is a lot of anger in the community over this but you won't see much of it in The Astonisher because Mr Murdoch makes a swag of money out of advertising from developers.

  8. Must be some long lunches down at The Astonisher, especially for Iditor Lachlan Heywood.

    Despite all his the brave new world declarations regarding the paper's on-line future, the website is a very poor cousin indeed, and Master Heywood apparently doesn't even give it glance. He should though, because he's been made to look silly yet again in his own iditorial headline.

    It is one thing to keep posting iditorials two and three days old - yesterday's news today - but for one to remain posted with a howler in the headline is another.

    This from the Saturday iditorial regarding the growing number of crocodiles in NQ, which is still posted this Monday morn.

    'Locals Deserve A Say Regarding Criminals'.


    The hard copy paper had it right, with 'crocodiles' instead of 'criminals'

    They'll probably get around to changing tout suite when this comment is posted - they're all avid Magpie readers if not fans down there - so check it for yourself quick-smart here

    Not a good look for the leader of the pack.

    1. The paper's management have never been accountable, Pie.

  9. Nope still there at 3pm today- perhaps their journos don't have self authoring access to the web site...or even care

    1. And Bully Boy, it's still there this morning at 9.51. That's not yesterday's opinion, that the day before the day before yesterday's opinion with an incorrect howler of a headline.

      Interesting thing about the iditorials, which were once the preserve of thoughtful, elegant leader writing. The short-cut Heywood way is to grab a prominent story .... and then repeat it, large chunks word for word, finishing with a limp-wristed finger wag.

  10. Strand Happy camperOctober 7, 2013 at 6:51 PM

    It seems the Labor party are trying very hard to whip up a storm over the Strand building heights without much success. Firstly strand fan, like messagebank Walker you don't seem to grasp democracy. The councillors you refer to and several others were democratically elected by the ratepayers of this city. Almost all with significant margins so therefore do speak for the people of this city. That's how democracy works. The Labor team was given beating at the last council elections so get over it.

    Angry ant continues to ask what planning qualifications planning Chairman Tony Parsons and other councillors have to be making decisions on council. Perhaps angry ant can provide what qualifications Mayor Mullet had who when as planning chair under his radiance completely ignored their own self imposed three story limit to approve the Watermark, the Oddesy café building and half a dozen other buildings on the Strand that stand well above three stories. Don't take my word for it Strand Fan and Angry ant go take a look for yourself there down there.

    So fellas I be very keen to see what qualifications Mayor Mullet had to make those decisions. The fact is those buildings where good for those of us who like to visit and enjoy the Strand. By the way where is the Mullet on this matter she's been deathly silent ever since she got her little offsider from the Labor camp in Canberra. It would be nice to see some leadership on this issue from the Mayor of our city instead of hiding. Perhaps it's because she's waiting for the petitions her foot soldiers are out trying to drum up.

    Several times now Angry Ant has suggested there is wide community anger out there. Where? Perhaps you can quote your source of research for that statement. Wild statements with nothing to support it are the trade mark of those who have nothing to offer. I'm happy with the proposal. By the way is that you Messagebank?

  11. Interesting Townsville Bulletin page 1 story today and lousy subbing. Since when do courts sit on public holidays ?

    "Police prosecutor Sergeant Katie Turner told a Townsville Magistrates' Court yesterday....."

  12. Err, well, actually they do, Magistrates' Court sits on public holidays and Saturdays, in circumstances involving custody and bail. And indeed, Ms Channon was correct in the timelines, the bail hearing for this matter was heard late yesterday afternoon.

  13. Pie, One of your best columns ever. I agree 100 per cent with your condemnation of The Astonisher reporter having a go at the hospital board chairman's squeeze when she was clearly the best person for the job. And I loved the shaggy dog story, despite the fact that it is totally politically incorrect. Keep up the good work! Cheers.

  14. Strand Fan & Angry Ant & and the rest of Squad Shrill...

    May I ask - yet again - precisely what recognised town planning principles does the five story maximum proposal offend? You sneer at the lack of qualifications, so let's have your expert view on the subject.

    And where is this community anger you speak of? None in my eclectic circle of friends and acquaintances, that's for sure. A couple of silly old comrades, sitting around gumming their Milk Arrowroots and sharing a cup of outrage does not a protest movement make.

    I am sure the Townsville First team is absolutely quaking in their collective boots at the thought of you neanderthals not voting for them again.

    But...I agree with Tom D. The lack of short-mid-long term planning for the Upper Ross is something that is of genuine concern to local residents - of which I am one. The area has outgrown its infrastructure but is all but ignored in Walker Street. NBN? Forget it - we don't even rate a mention in the 5 year projections. The only retail development in the last 5 years has been a McDonalds at the Upper Ross. This is despite a number of large residential developments opening up (and another one just about to open). It took me nearly 10 minutes this morning to find a break in the traffic to let me turn into Riverway Drive.

    1. A Planner-Community meeting will be held at Aitkenvale Library, Sat., 12 Oct. 10-2pm. Bring your friends and tell all - I don't want to be on my own!

      This is an opportunity to talk about "Riverway Project - is it canned?"; a rational discussion on Pinnacles vs Rocky Springs; a reason why we have continuing housing development in Upper Ross with no associated recreational and sporting facility growth.

      See you there Grumpy!

    2. Bugger - am in Brisbane this weekend - you can have my proxy.

    3. Brissy trip cancelled - see you there

  15. Did you see this from RP Data?
    The areas where homes are most likely to be sold at a loss are what RP Data refers to as "lifestyle regions".

    Local Economist Colin Dwyer disagrees suggesting "Townsvilles investment potential stands out like a cream bun in a box of lamingtons".

    According to RP data Regional Queensland stood out with 27.5 per cent of sales made at a loss.

    "The weakness in Queensland is mostly reflective of the conditions across the lifestyle markets such as the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and far north where the correction in home values has been more significant," RP Data said.

    On the Gold Coast, 36.3 per cent of sales were at a loss, but the proportion was still high at 34.6 per cent in far north Queensland and 29.9 per cent on the Sunshine Coast, with other regions in Queensland not far behind.

    The red ink affected apartments more than free-standing houses.

    In Wide Bay Burnett, the Sunshine Coast, Mackay and the Gold Coast, losses made up more than a third of apartment sales, while in northern and far north Queensland the proportion rose to around a half.

    This of course is historical data and investors need to look to the future.

    Regional Economist Colin Dwyer Said "Northern area, including Townsville, is more a job creation centre than a lifestyle centre. The reason for the losses in apartment sales can be attributed to rising insurance premuims, job insecurity, and other factors. Brisbane and canberra need to work harder to fix the insurance challenges of North Queensland.

    But a property led recovery could be close.

    Capital cities house prices have recently started to trend higher due to increased interest from SMSF and lower interest rates.

    There is potential for "the ripple effect' to flow on to Townsville like it did after the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Investors are looking for safer assets with good potential caital gain and reasonable rents, Townsvilles potential stands out like a cream bun in a box of lamingtons.

    Over the longer term Townsville has demonstrated a 7-10 year housing cycle; while we could be just around the corner from a modest recovery, we still need affordable insurance and some other drivers that positively affect the region, such as increase in incomes, increase in jobs, new infrastructure or changes in the rent versus buy senario.

    Interestingly, some Townsville suburbs show better signs of recovery than others.

    1. Speaking as someone who has purchased a house recently in Townsville, my opinion on why some suburbs are recovering and some aren't comes down to insurance. For me to purchase a similarly valued and built house in South Townsville, Railway Estate or god forbid Burdell, Bushland Beach or Idalia I would be facing thrice the insurance premium or more than in boring old Annandale, an extra $40,000 + over the next 10 years for diddly. Any buyer who isn't aware of that when they sign on the dotted line is in for a shock and I am sure that it has ended a fair few contracts. I choke on my $1900 insurance bill as it is but when when I think of the figures that a certain must-have insurance mob quote via their website for similarly specified houses in other suburbs it almost feels like a win on the ponies. This of course may be of interest to readers of the local rag along "Great Insurance Rip Off" lines but I am certain they would steer clear of any investigation into the differences that suburbs pay in Townsville as it may put some of their partners in crime in the Real Estate industry out of sorts. No point whipping up fury if it might impair peoples willingness to buy expensive ads for houses in a largely redundant advertising format right?

  16. whoa, whoa Grumpy old son, you have confused me with your comment of gumming Milk Arrowroots and a cup of outrage. Are we speaking of the pesky Ratepayers association (prune and custard club).

  17. Oh my, a new website for the Astonisher which pretends to make it look better.. oh, dreary dear@!


      The Astonisher has astonished us today, with its 'new look and feel' website.

      Just as astonishing is the paper's claim that 'we've redesigned the site to make it easier to find the content your looking for faster'. Well, sorry, folks, but stop feeling special and loved.

      Not quite a customised redesign for this specific and lucrative market, one fears.

      What our pals at the Astonisher have done is lifted holus bolus the Courier Mail/Sydney Telegraph design, a cluttered layout which has long been criticised in cyberspace. (The SMH/Brisbane Times are the benchmark designs in Australian mainstream papers.) This change is further complicated for Townsville with the dominance of matters that aren't local, with the paper's hopeful and poorly researched thrust to be all things to all people. The once-proud Townsville Bulletin has lost any of the distinctive character and community respect it had left with this plunge into the homogenous Rupertsworld of News Ltd's one-size-fits-all website template.

      Navigating around all the superflous tat of little or no interest from just about everywhere will presumably just be a matter of practice. But - oh, you beaut - at first glance it looks like we won't anymore be subjected to those Year Eight skool essays called the Editorial. Can't be found - at this stage.

      Also there doesn't seem to be a 'search this site' window, and the ability to make a comment appears to have been removed (possibly a blessing in disguise).

      Anyway, the bottom line is the Townsville Bulletin painful slide from grace will continue apace until the editorial pages start to contain more careful and professional content. Dropping some of the dreary, insulting and self-indulgent kiddie columns (yes, yes, The 'Pie is hardly one to talk) and hiring a couple more journos like David Sparkes would be a good start.

      Sorry, David, The Pie knows you only through your work, and now the old bird's now branded you with News Ltd's Mark of Cain, the Pie's approval. Sorry.

    2. One of their readers on FB asks, When do we have to pay to subscribe.? and, for example the articles they have put on the website from Herald Sun, you can't open them.

      why would I want Townsville in Melbourne?

  18. Oh< the branding !

    Finally, that 2011 memo from John Cardigan has come true....

  19. Here's an eyeopener in the circular argument about juvenile crime, parental discipline and the definition of child abuse.

    This is a ruling in California, but these judges are the sort we need in Townsville - the problem, the parental reaction and ul;timate court ruling injects commonsense into the extremes of the Nanny State hand wringing.

    It's brief, well worth a squizz.

    1. We' never see anything like this up here in Fantasyland.

  20. The astonishers attempt to raise readership numbers by the we support NQ and the new website remind me of the ALP bringing back Peter Beatte. A lot of hoo ha and wind,but not much bang for your buck.

  21. The new beaut mobile app doesn't work (Astonisher's newbie website..)

  22. Hey Grumpy - you'll have to wait until the next local govt election to see how many Townsvilleans are against the Townsville First push for 5 storeys on the Strand. That's when they will find out the hard way what the majority of people think.
    And you really should try harder to disguise your Liberal leanings - you give yourself away so easily.
    No wonder you call yourself Grumpy.

    1. My goodness - what a clever lad - you have worked out that I am indeed a committed conservative voter with a profound loathing and contempt of the Loony Left.

      And I was trying to be so subtle about it.

      Ssshh - don't tell anyone.

      Perception not really your strong point, is it?

      Oh look! We have gone from" 99%" of people opposed to the proposal, to "a vast majority" and now to "the majority".

      Once again, Dear Comrade, I ask "what legitimate town planning principles are offended by the proposal to increase the building height limit to five floors".

      Or is this just gratuitous Council bashing by a petulant leftie loser?


  23. 13 Km's away, BUT the Newspaper headline states its just off the beach???????????

    A GREAT white shark has been spotted chomping on a whale carcass near a popular Perth beach.

    Surf Life Saving WA tweeted on Thursday afternoon that a 3.5-4m shark was feeding about 13km west of Scarborough beach.
    - See more at:

  24. The Parish Priest at the Good Shepard Community centre In Allambie Ln & Ryan School Father David Lancini (the Developer is his nephew) after Mass last Sunday 6 Oct gave an address to the parishioners strongly supporting the Pinnacles Project and handing out what I have been advised was a copy of the Draft City Plan comment sheet. and asking all present to make a submission supporting the project He did strongly state his nephews involvement was Nil...

    1. Perhaps a look at those involved with the Rocky Springs development could explain some TCC members refusal to discuss Pinnacles.

      As a ratepayer in the Upper Ross, surely I am entitled to know who has a financial interest in both projects!

  25. Hey Strand Fan your back. Have you and your mate angry ant taken that ride along the Strand yet to have a look at all those buildings well over three stories that were approved by your mate Mayor Mullet when she was the chair of planning in the good old days of the Mooney council. By the way what about my other question. What planning qualifications did she have at the time? you might also like to inform all of the Pie's readers why it was ok then but totally wrong now.

  26. The focus has been on the politicians and their travel claims, but they are hardly the only group ripping off the taxayers with these sorts of jaunts.

    Union jealousy fathered the Fringe Benefits Tax, but while hardly alone in the 'overseas conference' scam, the 'overseas conference' lurk is a favourite of the hypocritical left which really puts FBT in the shade.

    The age-old system of travelling overseas for professional conferences and then claiming the fees, travel and accomodation as a tax deduction has been a great little lurk when you want a taxpayer funded (in that it is tax deductible) holiday.

    Academics, unionists, PR people, legal types, they all do it - in fact, anyone who can successfully argue that a conference is in their line of work and would go towards professional improvement can get in on it.

    The way it works is you and the litte lady flop into first class, head off and all you have to do is sign in at the conference venue - many claim the little lady as PA and as such,a tax seduction ... sorry, tax deduction. This is great way to get some international nooky while leaving the old gorgon at home with the kids, especially if the said PA is actually your squeeze on the side. Once signed in at the start of the conference, and receive proof of same, you then can zoom off anywhere you like for a couple of weeks in Aspen, or Barbados or where ever before smirking all the way back home, because you know it wasn't just the little lady who has been right royally screwed.

    Just as well there isn't an 'improve 'Your Whingeing Techniques' conference somewhere, half Townsville would be there.

  27. Pie: Regarding your comments on car parking fees at the Townsville Hospital, it being out in the scrub and the dearth of public transport. Carlyle Gardens Retirement Village management has, in its infinite wisdom, banned Sunbus from entering the precinct to pick up passengers. This means pensioners who surrendered their licenses now have to get an expensive taxi (if they can get one to come) to and from the hospital for treatment, or to visit sick relatives. Although residents have been unable to see it, management claimed the buses were damaging the road.

    Next thing they will ban the garbage trucks and there will be columns of oldies pushing there wheelie bins to and from the gates every week.

  28. And they are subtle about it at all - one professional magazine I subscribed to years ago had a permanent section at the back listing upcoming overseas conferences. It was headed "Holiday Planner".

    Amazing how many of the conferences coincided with events such as the Rugby Sevens, Ashes Tours, ski seasons etc

  29. A good example of the New Astonisher webby.

    top news pic- anti smoking from head office, life style banner?
    Fashion: Cowboys in tight shirts.. wow gosh woopi!

    Kate's story: Fashion police and the moped rider.. woopi where's the image?
    Courier mail: Migrants and Regional towns..