Saturday, September 17, 2011

Robbie Katter joins his old man's political push, so now is it The Two Bob's Worth Party - and why Cuddlepie is terrified of the date February 7 2012 .

And a new and welcome foe of the Nanny State arrives on the scene, with the power to makes his presence felt big time. It's all here in this week's Nest at

The Mad Katter's search for a suitable name for his nascent party received a boost this week, with the news that his billy lid, Mt Isa alderman Robbie Katter will fly the colours of the new entity in the state arena next election. 

Since Bob believes his mob will be a bit of a tonic in state politics, why not the Kattertonic Party? Oh, guffaw - not. Or he could use that theme to attract younger voters with a musical group-sounding name, like Bob, Rob and The Katteronics.

Then there's the Two Bob's Worth Party, which just about sums up the real value of this populist policy grab-bag of disjointed ideas.

Nope, The 'Pie will stick with the Cut Snake Party.

But as much as The Magpie might make merry and warble on about it, Katter's entry into state politics has quite a few LNP folk buttock clenching faster than Casey Stoner on a wet track. 

There is a belief that there are enough disaffected voters out there who buy the simplistic slogans and financial placebos  of Katternomics to split the conservative vote. This could allow an undeserving Labor to retain or even win some close seats. The LNP needs to pick up about 17 seats to govern in its own right - including getting rid of the current handful of independents - so it is going to be sphincter-winking election night, when ever that may be. Will Queensland be facing the same scenario that is bedevilling the federal scene, with a narrow-agenda tail wagging the broader-electorate dog? It's a chance.

But credit where it's due (oh, sigh, how rarely does The 'Pie have reason to use that cliche), so the best one-line political slogan for a while came from none other than Robbie Katter a couple of days ago, when he declared  'I want to represent Mt Isa in Brisbane, not Brisbane in Mt. Isa.'

That novel notion will have the retired Capt Snooze furrowing his brow while trying to work out what that means, until he gives up and succumbs to an Iced VoVo-induced slumber in the sun on his Laz-e-boy lounger. No point in him ringing wisely-retiring Lindy FIFO Nelson-Carr, she wouldn't get it, either.

Neither did we.

At the other extreme of activity, Cuddlepie Wallace, Minister for Mean Roads, seems to still be drinking too much red cordial.

Not content with serenading the house with the Hokey Pokey, he recently is said to have made a lumbering, clod-hopping attempt to introduce a bogus document into parliament.  And according to the opposition, lied to the house. 

Sadly, it seems to be all unravelling for him, and his antics may have been spurred on by the plummetting polls that have him being turfed out next time around.

And here The Magpie has a clue to his increasingly manic behaviour.

It's really just panic of the pocketbook.

Put in a nutshell, an early election would mean he could miss out on a berth on the retirement gravy train. You have to be in parliament for eight years to qualify. Cuddlepie was elected on February 7, 2004. 

You see, Cuddlepie knows that the Premier is a porky purveyor of the highest order, and she, despite repeated denials, may find reason to go to an early election. 

Now, The Magpie has been told Premier Blight has been informed by the electoral pooh-bahs that she can't call an election at the same time as the fixed local government bun-fight on March 24 next year. She's been told it must be either six weeks before or six weeks (or more) after. So if she goes at the strict six weeks  beforehand, Feb 11, Cuddlepie would book a berth on that gravy train by a mere four days. Any earlier and his loot leaves the station without him, unless of course, he retains his seat. The latest polls from both parties suggest that is unlikely.

We have to look overseas for someone more willing to 'man-up' and have the gumption to look after the average Joe and Jo-Beth. 

The  politician who is manning up big time, and has already established himself as the nemesis of the nanny state boo-hoo brigade is born-again governor of Califonia, Jerry Brown. Those of you who a couple of weeks ago responded to the English mayor who took to the nanny state council and its policies with a scythe are gunna luv this bloke. The Magpie surely does.

Try these for a couple of telling quotes which should be tattooed on the foreheads of the local boo-hoo brigaders. Especially here in Queensland.

'Not every human problem deserves a law', and 'I am concerned about the continuing and seemingly inexorable transfer of authority from parents to the state'.

The obverse of these statements are clearly the underlying tenets of the social engineers driving the Nanny State bus (which is of course equipped with seats belts, air bags and outsize 'Watch your step - your language - your kids - your manners - your sneaky breaking of wind' signs).

Jerry Brown is having none of it. 

In California, as one supposes in all states in the US, the govenor has to sign off on any bill to be passed, or he can veto it. And having succeeded Arnie the Govenator, Brown is now becoming the Veto-nator, knocking back dopey knock-kneed bills left, right and centre. Which is an interesting way of putting it, since these are the sort of actions the Yanks would expect from a Republican politician, but Jerry is a Democrat. That's the closest - but it's still light years away - Americans get to, say, the socialist policies of Australian or British Labor.

But under Jerry, out have gone stuff about fining parents or guardians of juvenile skate and snowboarders who don't wear helmets, revenue raising with hiked fines for drivers talking or texting on mobiles, and what political canvassers must wear. Read about it here and further, here - please do, it'll cheer you up to know there is hope against the social engineering that is ruining our lifestyle.

Enough now, it is away to Poseurs' Bar, to be-bubble a suitably safe lass, who is at liberty to convince The Magpie that there are circumstances where suitable precautions are sensible. In that case, he will generously lend her his bicycle helmet - but will want it back in the morning.


  1. Were you drunk when you wrote this? Perhaps you should get someone to edit your writing?

  2. Really, Grealy?
    Ah, a quality comment adding an extra dimension to the comments this blog attracts.
    First of all, in answer to Mr Grealy's first question: possibly, probably, and so what and why not?
    The second question is easier: Why?
    But what The 'Pie really likes is the multiple choice guessing game posed by the general tone of the comment, which tends to hint of disapproval. But of what?.
    Is Mr G
    (a opposed to Bob abd Rob and The Katteronics?
    (b a supporter of them?
    (c a supporter of Cuddlepie Wallace and Labor?
    (d opposed to Cuddlepie and Labor?
    (e someone who approves of Californian Govenor Jerry Brown kick-ass of nanny staters?
    (f an outraged boo-hoo brigade leader for social-emgineering nanny staters and thinks Gov Brown a big nasty person (unlike that nice Bob Brown)?
    (g someone too lazy to do his own blog, but is overfond of writing what he believes are pithy comments on other web comment pieces and in the papers just to see his name in print?
    A quick squizz around the web, and The 'Pie would opine Mr G is (a, (c,( f and (g.
    A bottle of Old White Infuriator to the person who can supply the right answer (no, you're not eligible, Mr G, although it sounds like you need a good stiff something to brighten up your day).