Saturday, June 23, 2012

Statement of Council CEO Ray Burton

NOTE: If you are reading this post before the other one published  simultaneously today, it is an expansion on a matter discussed in the blog 'Smack down in Walker Street'

Townsville Council CEO Ray Burton's statement in reply to Mayor Jenny Hill's public attack on him.
I’m proud of my record as CEO, and the achievements the council has made over the past four years. 
In that time the council has successfully come through the very difficult amalgamation process, reduced the council’s operating deficit from $56 million in the first year to a far more sustainable financial position close to breakeven and delivered a high standard of services and facilities in the community. 

I have always put the community’s interests first and I’m committed to working with the staff and councillors to achieve the best result for Townsville.

In terms of budget variance reporting. 

The last budget variance report before the election was tabled at the April full council meeting and it showed that the council’s normal operations were on track to achieve budget. The full picture on revenue for general rates, utilities and fees and charges has only become more apparent in the subsequent months and this is what happens every year. 

As the CEO I instructed the executive manager of finance to present a report on the council’s financial position against budget to the end of May. Further analysis this week indicated an anticipated small deficit result. I reported this to Council at this week’s Corporate Governance meeting within hours of this updated analysis. I have at all times ensured the financial reporting of council has been fully disclosed. 

The strength of Council’s financial position has seen a Credit rating from the State Government second only to the Brisbane City Council.


  1. Nothing Ray Burton says will appease Mayor Hill, she has her own agenda and she will create her path to her own demise. She has no idea, and no ideas .... that she wants to hear anyway!

  2. The CEO and the Directors of TCC have had too much power for far too long, under the guise of Councilors conforming to the Local Government Act. Bit disingenuous of Vern to wax lyrical about Burton when he oft complained about the Les/Ray fait accompli before the election. Suggest the great unwashed is looking for Townsville First to agree that Rates should be frozen for 12/13 and the the CEO find sufficient savings from each of the departments. As far as the water goes, maybe $104pa might be unobtainable but $60 might be. But our elected body seem unable to find compromise.

    1. What a load of illogical garbage!

      "The CEO and the Directors of TCC have had too much power for far too long, under the guise of Councilors conforming to the Local Government Act."

      What the hell does that mean????

  3. PART 2 I personally approached Burton to change standing orders to allow a limited time for questions from the public at the end of Council meetings (limited time) as many Council in Qld have , ONce agin i was told to f:"{:" off. The way he has spoken to jenny hill over the time i have attended Council meetings defies belief as an ex airline executive i consider him rude and arrogent

    1. You personally, Wow!!! And that wasnt enough to make his quake in his boots???

  4. The unprofessional attack on the CEO by the Mullet is typical of the gutter stuff that labor politics has practiced for ever.She doesn't care about integrity or ethics as long as her grubby populous agenda is satisfied. I hope the ethical Councillors will wholeheartedly support Ray Burton!

  5. Some people are stupidJune 23, 2012 at 10:11 PM

    If the CEO has too much power, what is the use in having one? Some people who comment on these things really have no idea what they are on about. Kind of like Hill. Seriously.