Monday, November 1, 2010

What, The Magpie Finished?!


The old bird has simply moved to a new nest in the blogosphere, a universe where both you readers can move your lips while you peruse his regular load of old cobblers, or `column’ as it is known in some circles. In this smarty pants techno world, it’s now officially a `blog’, with regular `posts’ and guess what? You readers – yes, both of you – can have a say too. Just stick the tongue out of the corner of your mouth, crinkle the brow in concentration and – hey, knock yourself out, use two fingers if you like - tap out a message in the comment area provided. It will be published if it gets past the battalion of lawyers on alert for legal naughtiness.

The Magpie blog is also a work in progress, and will expand as the weeks go by with new links to some very interesting places. If you like, The Magpie will give you an email alert whenever he posts a new load of drivel, which will be at least every week, possibly more often. Just email him requesting same at

So here it is...


  1. Where have you BEEN??!
    Great to have you back!

  2. Comforting to know the Magpie is still warbling; our Saturdays have been an empty desert lately.
    Welcome back the bird.

  3. It really is the year of the Magpie now.
    A Collingwood premiership AND this site.

  4. The Magpie has received some comments via email to be posted (glad to see The Magpie is not the only luddite in this burgh), this from John Hubbard:

    "Well the Magpie may have been plucked by the Bully but the old bird would no doubt agree with me when I say you can't keep a good bird down. Many will be pleased (others won't) to know you're flying again.
    May the power of the blog be with you."

    The Magpie replies: Hmmm... 'plucked'? Actually the Old Bird flew the coup voluntarily. More on that in the near future. And yes John, there's always trouble holding a good bird down, isn't there?

    And one other comment received from Colin Hegarty:

    "Who wants to read crap from an obese wanker..."

    Magpie replies: what do ya mean, 'obese'?

  5. I too am pleased that the old bird is back. I went away on holidays only to find...shock horror, the highlight of my week missing. But to prove there is a God, the Magpie rose like a phoenix from the ashes.......

  6. And then there were two....

    .... and boy! did they have fun!!

    You've been posted here and now have your very own tag!

  7. Now that Poseurs' Bar on Flinders has been metrofied has the magpie migrated?

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