Tuesday, December 18, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Mayor Mullet aka Jenny Hill comes a spectacular gutser - Townsville City Council CEO Ray Burton has been cleared by the Crime and Miscounduct Commission of any wrong doing alleged by The Mullet.

The Magpie bets the Mullet is stunned. Let's see if The Daily Astonisher has kept up.

A special mini-Magpie here at townsvillemagpie.com.au 

Late this afternoon, (Tues Dec 18) the CMC advised the Townsville City Council that it found that there was no evidence that Townsvile City Council CEO Ray Burton had breached any protocols or had acted unlawfully as alleged by the Mayor Jenny Hill.

The details of the finding are still be be released to the public ( this will keep you back late, Simpo), but this leaves both protagonists in interesting positions.

Hill's initial complaint - that Mr Burton had withheld from her a report that would recommend that she sack more than 250 council staff, (that was never going to happen, it would never be countenanced even by her populist, knuckle-dragging boosters) Her sugggestion that this idea was even an option was laughable. It was just simply desperate and despicable politics at a level where she herself,  so deeply embededd in dirty self-seeking Labor politics, , insisted would allow her to find the savings to implement her ruinous election promises of a rate freeze and water costs rebate. 

Sack people to make you look good?? Sure you're not a closet LNP member, Jenny? 

 Now life gets interesting.

As a mere lay peson with the law, The 'Pie is of the mind that if the council CEO so chooses, he could have her on toast for defamation and professional slander. She made the claim of improper conduct by Burton public not just to her Bulletin lapdog Anthony Simpleton, but also on TV and radio.  

Whoopisie daisy, darlin'.

Your  complaint,  (that Ray Burton himself referred to the CMC) was found to be goundless. The CMC, in basic terms,  claimed that the council boss did nothing wrong and didn't withhold information from you.  Your spiteful and dumb complaint against Townsville Council CEO Ray Burton has been dismissed for what it was - crap (not actually their words, but that's what it meant - crap of the lowest political kind).

The Magpe will be eagerly awaiting the next definitive statement  from someone - not beacase Ray Burton was right, but because the Mayor of our city was wrong. So was the Townsville Bulletin  predicably wrong, demanding in an editorial that whether he was right or wrong, Burton had to go because Jenny was the voters' choice. 

Someone should go - either in Walker Street or in Ogden Street.  Or both.

How you handle this one, Mr Burton, is up to you - let's face it, you don't need the almost guaranteed money - maybe you just care about the city and just want to get on with it.

How you, Lachlan Heywood, Astonisher editor, handle it - an apology would be nice - no one cares, because no one takes any notice of you.  

Mrs Hill, how YOU handle it is up to you - and that will be the measure of you.


  1. I feel a heavy bout of schadenfreude coming on.

    But watch the spin, 'Pie, watch the spin.

  2. Typical abuse of the CMC for political purposes by a labor party hack not worthy of the position of Mayor of our city!

  3. Finger on the pulse as always Pie - good work. It would seem the feaces is about to hit the air circulation system in a couple of hot spots in Town. Wonder how our girl slept last night. Can't wait to see how the Astonisher handles this. Someone is not going to end up smelling like roses.

  4. What's in a word.
    The Magpie reports "no evidence" while the Astonisher (on page 5) state there was "insufficient evidence".
    One different word, two completely different nuances.

    1. 'Yasi's timing helped limit damage'

      Interesting the Astonisher would publish an AAP story combined with the Astonisher's photographer's image.

  5. Pie, what a Christmas present you've given the readers.

    Speaking of court, here's a pressie for your lawyer friends.

    If you have a client and know that the astonisher's snappers are waiting you have options not to get your clients picture in the paper.

    1. 4 exits outside the courts. Note the line when they can photograph your client.
    2. Wear a bike helmet that's mirrored and not a towel.
    3. Don't allow them to have ciggy break without a helmet on as they wait and hide out the back area.
    4. Dont have a lunch break at the cafe over the road on walker street. It's still public and they can photograph you.
    5. Wear good running shoes.

    Merry Christmas Astonisher.

    1. Don't forget this applies to local news crews too. Don't be fooled by TV reporters in heels. Their mission is at all costs.

      I think it's a great idea. A bike helmet. Look stylish too.


    2. Having a smoke wearing a bike helmet?

      Then they just get a photo of a slowly asphyxiating dickhead.

      Most lawyers don't care if their clients get photographed. Just so long as they themselves are in shot.

  6. Bit of a worry if

    TOWNSVILLE City Council is considering becoming a property developer by setting up a joint venture with the private sector to purchase iconic CBD buildings.

    Invested interest? Making private profits? Council is not a realestate corporation it is funded by tax payers.

  7. To avoid continued rumour and speculation the report (which according to earlier Press reports cost $50000.) must be released in the public domain not just in a closed session of a Council meeting.

  8. Thanks for the extra edition 'Pie; I was hoping something would come along and make you tap the typewriter for your eager readers...
    Re: the Mullet being sued - I worked for Warringah Council in Sydney's northern beaches for a few years, and in 2002, one of the Councillors there, Ruth Sutton, sued for defamation one of the other councillors, Darren Jones, and she won the case. (Mr Jones mealy mouthed her to all and sundry on a council bus outing, I believe, and paid the price.) see link below.

    I look forward to your musings regarding this matter in the future... Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year... L.B.

  9. Will Mullet wear wear her sexy red Santa jacket.

  10. I can only hope that CEO Ray Burton does take legal action against the Astonisher and whingeing brat Jenny Hill. Both need to be accountable for the crap they spew out on a daily basis. And lets be real The mullet has no loyalty to Townsville as she is only trying to esculate her political ambitions, much the same as Crisafulli.
    If the ALP offered her a plumb position she would be at their front door before the mayoral chair she had just left had stopped spinning. Have a happy and safe Christmas pie

  11. A WHISTELBLOWER convicted of leaking reports about Customs operations.... etc...

    You have to ask yourself why hasn't news ltd blown open the conditions within the Astonisher? Sunrise might report the Astonisher's Ahmazing report on a todler's box of snakes but won't report about asbestos falling from the roof in the news ltd building.? Wow